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  1. Sculptor

    What are you nerds reading these days?

    Double post. Must be late for bed.
  2. Sculptor

    What are you nerds reading these days?

    I was gifted the Mr. Mercedes trilogy so I just started the third one, Stephen King's End of Watch. I haven't read fiction for approx 3 yrs, so it's been interesting for me to get away from my usual arena.
  3. Sculptor

    Ashamed/Embarrassed to Show Your Tummy?

    What they hey?! Some of us do keep fruit snacks under there :p This was so funny; her singing "I don't give a fuuuuuuccckkkk" just about sums it up for me. Thanks for sharing! :D Am I the only one who searches for cool older threads to resurrect? It's a treasure hunt! :happy:
  4. Sculptor

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    Helped one of my staff members plan a party for her hub's bday :) the rest of the day was all nose to the stone :rolleyes:
  5. Sculptor

    This~or~That THREAD

    Both. Mediocre answer or mediocre answer?
  6. Sculptor

    The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop (data as of 2012)

    I was thinking exactly that when I saw BTNH; quality vs quantity.
  7. Sculptor

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    Weighted? How heavy was she? :p
  8. Sculptor

    It's gone quiet.

    Gosh, I just need a lot more of that rep juice today.
  9. Sculptor

    It's gone quiet.

    Yeah, I just ignored one of them. Yours is a perfect example... kudos.
  10. Sculptor

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    1 hour on the elliptical
  11. Sculptor

    Is It Bravery?

    Hear, hear :happy:
  12. Sculptor

    Who do you want for president 2016?

    You must be asleep at the wheel if the choice is clear. Don't respond to my posts anymore and thank you; I'll return the favor.
  13. Sculptor

    What made you LOL today?

  14. Sculptor

    Name a Song From the Last Letter - Part 5!

    Victory - The Walkmen Y
  15. Sculptor

    The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop (data as of 2012)

    I almost feel bad for DMX. You know who gonna' find you? Some old man fishing!
  16. Sculptor

    What Are You EATING right now?

    Root beer float
  17. Sculptor

    This~or~That THREAD

    Last great decade for rock: 70s or 90s?
  18. Sculptor

    Who do you want for president 2016?

    I want someone who's not a sociopath, so that's asking too much.
  19. Sculptor

    Current go-to nailcolor??

    I'm wearing OPI's "I Knead Sourdough" (if you're a wine person but you also like nudes, you've prob already tried this one - if not, you should :)) I keep it simple/basic for work; I'm in financial management. I get more artsy on the weekends.
  20. Sculptor

    Your favorite healthy foods

    my favorite healthier foods: Myer lemons apple cider vinegar oatmeal chocolate asparagus spinach cantaloupe avocados Greek yogurt tomato soup (made at home for the most part) chili (made at home, mostly beans - sorry Texans lol) raisins yeah, I listed chocolate :D