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  1. MadLordOfMilk

    skinny fa feeling pressured to gain

    I realize this is much, much, much easier said than done, but: I wouldn't worry about people thinking that. By and large, most people won't care. Really. The overwhelming majority of people have better things to do than worry about what you personally look like. There are always going to be some...
  2. MadLordOfMilk

    Did you come out?

    I used to feel really embarrassed about liking bigger girls when I was younger. Nowadays, I've thankfully found that on the whole, people largely don't care. Some of my closer friends joke about it periodically, but not any more than any other topic, and never maliciously. Anyway, a lot of...
  3. MadLordOfMilk

    Hello!!! I have a question....

    It may also be that the thinner/more fit guys have more confidence overall. It's a lot easier to be confident and ask women (or men) out, etc when you fall under what society traditionally considers more attractive. Thus, one could end up flirting/dating that category more just by virtue of...
  4. MadLordOfMilk

    It Gets Better, Unless You’re Fat

    This was a really interesting piece. Thanks for posting it! It's a perspective I haven't seen before.
  5. MadLordOfMilk

    Do big girls make thin guys feel small?

    I've never personally felt that way. That said, it would seem there are differing opinions here :)
  6. MadLordOfMilk

    So true and beautiful

    Neutral option: it's an orthographical error! But, really, this is among the least-important things to be discussing.
  7. MadLordOfMilk

    Favorite Song of the Day

    Run This Town by Jay-Z/Rihanna/Kanye West. (Spotify, Youtube) I usually listen to rock/metal music, but I've been on a Jay-Z kick lately for some reason. :)
  8. MadLordOfMilk

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Roar, I am a bear :E Taken recently at a hockey game in Berlin! (Sorry about the lockout, friends back home in the US. ;) ) Berlin's hockey team is the Eisbären (Polar bears), hence the hat :D
  9. MadLordOfMilk

    Share snacks, food, your current eating endeavors. Let's talk food. I like food.

    Malted milk balls! Learn from my mistakes: don't google image search this! Your life will feel empty and meaningless knowing you don't have one! *ahem* Mind sharing a recipe? :D
  10. MadLordOfMilk

    So, what's *your* favorite thing about a fat partner?

    Everyone has their own reasons for enjoying fat and weight gain. From seeing size differences between partners to the indulgence of stuffing to just enjoying the super-soft cuddling opportunity, what's your favorite aspect? For me, though my interest in weight gain is also sexual, cuddling up...
  11. MadLordOfMilk

    And now - fat mannequins!

    Bahahahaha, that's awesome. Honestly? They're probably cheaper to produce that way. That, or in production it came out much worse than they expected and they couldn't justify re-making a bunch of them.
  12. MadLordOfMilk

    So true and beautiful

    For the first part, I'll give the benefit of the doubt and assume you meant it as "big girls are wonderful, but let's not hate on thin girls either, that's just as bad as the other way". In which case, that's an important message to keep in mind. I agree! I think this photo is fine on that...
  13. MadLordOfMilk

    Christina Aguilera - BBW dating site spokeswoman???

    I mean, let's be fair: your average person is not going to be looking for an SSBBW. Though Christina Aguilera is by no means super-large, she has a more curvaceous, thicker figure than you traditionally see in today's media. The website's target audience is probably not just FAs and BBWs, but...
  14. MadLordOfMilk

    BBW or SSBBW without a belly button

    While I think I might miss a belly button being there, I seriously doubt "lack of a belly button" would be a deal-breaker for most people (myself included). Don't get me wrong, belly buttons are pretty awesome, but it's not the end of the world. :D
  15. MadLordOfMilk


    Weight gainers as in the powders/etc. used by people who work out to help with muscle gain? If you consume them without a workout, most of that will probably get turned to fat. However, you also have to be careful, as they're not intended to be used in that way. I'm not sure what effects it'd...
  16. MadLordOfMilk

    Does it run in the family? (FA relatives.)

    My preferences are pretty much the opposite of my dad. On the other hand, he's very hands-off with any relationships I get into, which I have endless respect for.
  17. MadLordOfMilk

    Oddest fantasy?

    There isn't a difference, or the site isn't about acceptance? Because the main board is specifically "size/size acceptance issues". Obviously Dims isn't a board targeted toward vorarephiles, but there's inherently something contradictory about wanting people to accept your atypical side of the...
  18. MadLordOfMilk

    New to all of this

    There's always the option of "wing it". Mess around with the idea and see how you feel about it, even if only to satisfy your curiosity. You don't have to permanently commit to a new lifestyle to try something out.
  19. MadLordOfMilk

    Oddest fantasy?

    While a totally fair point, there's a difference between pointing out "hey, we'd like to avoid those sorts of things, hence the 'legal' part" and just outright calling someone insane. Apologies if I came off overly strong. I just don't like seeing people effectively shamed for something...