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  1. bbwprincess

    Your favorite healthy foods

    mashed cauliflower with butter raisin ezekiel bread with jelly
  2. bbwprincess

    When the world isn't made for your weight.....

    i hate movie theater seats:wubu:
  3. bbwprincess

    meeting a guy from a dating site for the first time!

    how did you make your profile on pov like what did you write on it?
  4. bbwprincess

    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    i know they have those at some restaraunts i go to, they taste sooo good!:D
  5. bbwprincess

    Weight Loss Commercials (argh)

    i especially hate on Janurary 1st new years the tv has millions of those gym and jenny craig commercials, it just annoys me so much. like the world is so obsessed with new years resolutions
  6. bbwprincess

    BBW Confessions thread

    height doesnt matter to me. and thats great you adore chubby girls:)
  7. bbwprincess

    BBW Confessions thread

    same here in my town! a lot of guys prefer the thin, blonde woman types. i wish people out here like chubby girls. :D
  8. bbwprincess

    OkTrends: Fat People, Skinny People, and Sex Drive

    i have heard of a lot of mean people on okcupid i only was on there for a week and guys starting arguements with me lol. okcupid not a fun site (well for me) :D
  9. bbwprincess

    Why do people get fat...or not.

    antidepressant medication made me fat.
  10. bbwprincess

    BBW Roll Call: Ladies, Represent!

    That is great that you found a boyfriend who loves your and accepts you for your weight. its good that you recovered from your eating disorder;)
  11. bbwprincess

    how many people here are in southern california?

    im from southern cali lbc:D
  12. bbwprincess

    What is your weight right now?

    right now im 221 lbs 5"1
  13. bbwprincess

    Best BBW matchmaking site?

    im also having trouble finding a bbw dating site, im looking for one with mostly 20 year olds if anyone knows of any good ones post a link :D