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  1. dazz67au

    Any Aussies

    Single Aussie guy from the Gold Coast here :-)
  2. dazz67au

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    Now that i have gotten over my Skyrim addiction i am hooked on a cute little IPAd / ipod game called clash of clans !! OMG its so addictive & fun ... my clan is the PT Cruisers, so come say hi !
  3. dazz67au

    2014 Singles Thread

    Hmmm i find myself as part of the crew for 2014 as well , im going to need a comfy chair though ... maybe a bean bag to settle down in.
  4. dazz67au

    Australian Introduction thread...

    Nice !! ... you will be a welcome addition to our awesome country !!
  5. dazz67au

    Brisbane, represent!...?

    Yup another Brisbanite here !! .... what an awesome part of the world !!
  6. dazz67au

    Susanne Eman wants to be World's Heaviest Person.

    Good Grief FA punk ...... i cant believe that youre so angry about this issue !! Has Suzanne hurt you in some way personally? I just dont understand youre complete hostility to her. I have chatted to Susanne on numerous occasions & have found her to be an intelligent, sweet & caring...
  7. dazz67au

    Pictures With Your Bestest Friend

    As a long time lurker & hiding in the shadows i'll burst out of the shadows & add one of my best buddy & I.