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  1. deadlysyndrome

    Horny Meter

    couldn't have said it better myself.hah. ugh. ) :
  2. deadlysyndrome

    The Music Thread

    props for some Circa appreciation. best band in the world. :,)
  3. deadlysyndrome


    I'd love to attend if there did so happen to be a meet up in the near future... even though I've rarely posted in this topic and barely post on this board in general.heh. If only I spoke as often as I lurked...
  4. deadlysyndrome

    If you had the power to change your FA-ness...

    Sometimes, I really do wish that I could change things, maybe just a little bit. Not giving up the FFA aspects of my life entirely, but I would definitely tone them down a little bit if I could... I never realized how much of a problem it was until about a week ago when I was "reunited", I...
  5. deadlysyndrome

    FFAs describe your perfect BHM, inside and out.

    All I want out of life is a nice semi-nerdy guy who'll curl up in bed with me and watch sci-fi movies all day. Someone who'll go to record stores and comic shops with me every week. Good sense of humor, intellectual. Maybe a book or film buff? That would be nice. I want someone who's going to...
  6. deadlysyndrome


    Too bad the sun doesn't last for long ):
  7. deadlysyndrome

    Freebie Five

    oh this is tough... 1 Kieran Culkin 2 Darren Williams (of Star Slinger) 3 Will Wiesenfeld 4 Jonah Hill 5 Alison Mosshart
  8. deadlysyndrome

    List Your Favorite Movies

    In a horrible attempt to come up with a top 10, I ended up with a top 20. And it still feels incomplete. Almost Famous Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Igby Goes Down the original Star Wars trilogy Psycho Desert Blue The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Ghost World LymeLife X-Men...
  9. deadlysyndrome

    are you a snuggler or not and why?

    I wouldn't be able to trust someone who wasn't down to snuggle 24/7. It makes everything better, especially cold rainy nights and movies... And now I'm craving someone to cuddle... damnit.
  10. deadlysyndrome

    OK Cupid

    One of my close friends is in a great relationship right now with a guy she met through OkCupid. It makes me want to try it but I would assume that the success rate of finding someone who you can truly be happy with is extremely slim with all sites of that nature.
  11. deadlysyndrome

    What have you been watching?

    I'm currently in the process of rewatching Daria and it's been so wonderful.haha
  12. deadlysyndrome

    The Music Thread

    aaaahh! Glassjaw is so amazing. If I could listen to Ape Dos Mil on repeat for the rest of my life, I probably would.
  13. deadlysyndrome

    What are you unhappy about today?

    Oh goodness. That's horrible and I feel your pain. I'm in a very similar situation for the most part as of two nights ago. My best friend has been hooking up with my ex-boyfriend ever since I moved away the first week of the year. The worst part is that the only reason we ever even broke up...
  14. deadlysyndrome

    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    Reminds me of all the times I used to spend more time staring at a particular coworker instead of actually doing my work...
  15. deadlysyndrome

    Singletons and Singletinis

    I have a feeling that my Valentines day will be filled with lots of alcohol and self loathing...
  16. deadlysyndrome

    An FA in a Movie

    I look at City Island just about every time I go to a Redbox (which is A LOT) and I think I finally have a reason to actually rent it.
  17. deadlysyndrome

    The Music Thread

    ahh! Someone who likes Baths! I seriously can not get enough of him, and the fact that he's so dang cute doesn't hurt. Cerulean is definitely on it's way to being in my top 5 albums this year.
  18. deadlysyndrome


    haha.:) I'll be at PNCA starting in January.
  19. deadlysyndrome

    Kinkykitten and Von_Pudge - BHM & FFA Couple Photo Thread!

    Your dress is BEYOND amazing. I love it. (: You two look so happy. Congratulations.
  20. deadlysyndrome

    Name a Song From the Last Letter - Part 5!

    Either Way - Wilco Y