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  1. estrata

    Is it enough?

    He needs to be funny, have a cute mouth, be a good kitty father, and treat me like a princess. Luckly my hubby is all of these things. When I met him he was skinny, but I still fell in love! Though now he's filling out a bit. :p
  2. estrata

    good fat days - bad fat days

    It's called hormones. They suck - even if you're thin! :rolleyes: I really, really don't think these should be considered "fat days". More "women days".
  3. estrata

    Taking a lover

    LOL, and then you would call the ones that didn't make the cut and say "sorry, I'm afraid you're just not qualified for the position". :rolleyes:
  4. estrata

    And if a girl keeps touhcing your belly?

    Agreed. In our wonderful world of prejudice and social taboo, only an FFA is going to touch your belly, even if it's brief! :D
  5. estrata

    Naming the Belly

    I call my hubby's - Squash Bucket is always a favorite. Also Squish Bag, (as opposed to Skin Bag from futurama). And yes, Pudge. Definitely high on the list.
  6. estrata

    Fri Dr. Phil: 1,000lb guy!!

    Thank you FFAKAT, I think that was a very intelligent response. I am glad you did just run away. I get the feeling that there is a slight double standard here. Would you take offence to a woman being in love with a man who is 1,000lbs? I think everyone would say of course not. But would you...
  7. estrata

    Fri Dr. Phil: 1,000lb guy!!

    Personally, the life outlook of a person is the number one thing I find attractive. I am attracted to a person who is large and healthy – both emotionally and physically. And I know that that is possible. Both of these people were mentally and physically unhealthy. One thing that...
  8. estrata

    Trying to recall/find an old GQ article about a very fat guy

    "committed cellulite surfer". I like it. :D
  9. estrata

    Video up on UTube

    there_there needs to stick to his guns and just start gaining! Think of all us poor FFAs - if we don't see there_there gain more we might just have to cry! Right girls? :D
  10. estrata

    BBW anime artwork for auction

    Naw, I don't care for selling prints. I like makin stuff, not makin copies. Also deviantART is evil. For no specific reason, I can just tell. Eeeevil. :D
  11. estrata

    BBW anime artwork for auction

    I don't know where else to put this. If it is in the wrong place, could the mods please move it? I mean, instead of selling photos of myself I am selling my artwork. Is this okay for everyone? :confused: Anyway, I am going to start selling my BBW anime artwork on eBay. Here is my first...
  12. estrata

    Looking for a webcomic writer who wants to start some maaadness

    Um, I suck at writing humor. Does anyone want to join me and try doing a weight gain webcomic? I would be the artist. I want to do something that's funny, episodic (like a Sunday comic or what have you), and is, you know, good. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I suck at that kind of stuff...
  13. estrata

    For all you men who love BBW's...

    Da wha?? Tell me more!
  14. estrata

    lets talk about sex

    I saw a lesbian couple at the local knitting store yesterday. One was thin and tan and one was close to 500lbs. If I were a lesbian I certainly wouldn't argue with being in the thin girl's place. :D
  15. estrata

    lets talk about sex

    I've told a guy I was gay to get him off my back.... :D Really though, I agree that women aren't more "flexible" naturally. We don’t realize how much society influences our preferences, but Western society seems to have almost done a total 180 from Roman society. They idolized the male form...
  16. estrata

    The Fat Holy Man's Own Tantric Teaching Thread

    This is all very fascinating, but I have one question. Where do the kittens fit into all of this?! Everyone needs to learn the peace and joy of worshiping the almighty feline, the painful happiness of ritual bloodlettings (i.e. playtime), and the pride in carrying the scratch marks of the...
  17. estrata

    Where are the Skinny FFAs at?

    I'm not totally sure what he meant by that, but it's true I’m not attracted to guys that are shorter than me. Saying that, all of my previous bfs before my hubby were shorter. One was actually over a foot shorter. Now that musta looked odd. And if a guy was 400lbs and 5" tall... well...
  18. estrata

    A Whole bunch of ME!

    LOL, I like the "Dork" one. Say it proud! :D
  19. estrata

    Sometimes it sucks to be a SSBHM

    I agree. There are some of those creams that are very gentle. I just always wonder what it seeping into my skin. Might want to check where the recommended places to use it are before trying this out. :eek:
  20. estrata

    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone

    Merry Christmas from me, hubby, and the kittens! Sorry. no BHMs in my family. :p