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  1. cebe

    RIP SoVerySoft

    One of my first favorites, I still think of her, I still miss her. 😢
  2. cebe

    Any Scuba Divers?

    Scuba diver for years with my wife. Underwater nothing exists but the pleasure of diving, even in quarry training. For a moment the other world no longer exists. Webmaster you said “Scuba is one of the sports where size isn't much of an issue”. I agree but I remember disapproving looks towards...
  3. cebe

    New Car

    With my experience I recommend you a two-doors full size American car (a Chevy in my case, not so expensive). They are big inside, more than big European or Japanese cars the same size, and with a two-doors the entry is much wider and easier with the seat moved back as far as possible. Best...
  4. cebe

    Your First Internet BBW

    Difficult to remember the very first, but for sure Cindy, SoVerySoft and Lexi
  5. cebe

    Fat in med school

    Maggie de Block is a general practitioner, health Minister of Belgium, here is a little picture. As you can see, everything is possible :)
  6. cebe

    How fat do you like 'em?

    Just bigger – LoL. Seriously I’m not attracted by women under BMI 50, I prefer over 70, BMI is a better indicator as it includes weight AND size. I like them big everywhere but above all really flabby. If I have to say the numbers: 5’4”, 450 lbs, but in no case a limit.
  7. cebe

    when is she a ssbbw?

    I think BMI is more important than just weight because it depends on both weight and height. For sure, the same weight for a little woman of …5’ or a 6’ or more like some tennis women for example don’t give the same impression. Personally I have a trick : when I take a woman in my arms, if my...
  8. cebe

    BMI - What's Yours?

    Hi, interresting to see al that (big) figures. :bow: Here is another point of view, difference into a couple : mine is 22.9 and my wife is 75 (5'3"-423). Wow, love that :p Anyone else with a really big ratio ?
  9. cebe

    My Fat Wife

    Really beautiful, I hope to see her soon as she want :smitten:
  10. cebe

    TV report about FA

    For European people here, Sunday 24th at 10:35 pm, RTL-TVI has a 1-hour special about FA. Certainly not our point of view, but interesting anyway ;)
  11. cebe

    Opinion about morph photos?...

    Hi, what said Picasso's models when viewing the painting?? Morphs are an "artistic" view, not the reality. Why don't recognize the right to a photographer to do what painter have done forever? With some rules that is. For exemple, the respect of the source, if not your own, the respect of the...