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  1. SnapDragon

    Big sexy hunter :-)

    lol, how odd. I must be going mad. http://www.youtube.com/user/sambowilki And LMAO at the derailment!
  2. SnapDragon

    Big sexy hunter :-)

    Here is the Youtube channel of an outdoorsy-type hunter guy, hunting and doing stuff with his dogs. He's very big and sexy. :-D
  3. SnapDragon

    Curious about BHM weight gain fiction

    BUTBUTBUT you can potentially sell those to real publishers, you know, the sort that make your book available in online shops and pay you royalties. Fetish and erotica are big in electronic publishing and in recent years numerous small publishers have appeared that focus on these genres. Some of...
  4. SnapDragon

    The BHM fiction list

    Recent book -- a BDSM novella called The Cyberkink Sideshow. http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/b129188/The-Cyberkink-Sideshow/Ophidia-Cox/?si=0 The fetish stuff may not be to everyone's taste, but it's got bondage with an SSBHM and a policewoman and touches on weight gain stuff as well.
  5. SnapDragon

    The BHM fiction list

    Please do add books to it if you have found some -- it looks crappy with only one contributor! I don't know who founded Goodreads, but I seem to know a lot of people who use it.
  6. SnapDragon

    The BHM fiction list

    Hi people. I'm trying to start a list of fiction that features fat male characters in a positive light (no weight loss rubbish, unsympathetic piggish villains, or fat loser sidekicks) on Goodreads. If you use Goodreads and know of any such books, please add them to the list here...
  7. SnapDragon


    I've done skin tags (usually with scissors or nail clippers on account of being too impatient to wait for the thread method). I get the occasional wart on my fingers, and when I worked in a lab I used to burn them off with liquid nitrogen. Since I stopped working in a lab, I've found it's a lot...
  8. SnapDragon

    Picture Thread: Chris & Mary [SSBHM, FFA]

    I love my dog. The bond between a person and a dog is sacred. Probably 'likes dogs' would be my second specification in my ideal man, right after 'is fat'. lol.
  9. SnapDragon

    Picture Thread: Chris & Mary [SSBHM, FFA]

    What happened to little doggie that meant it needed to be clipped so short?!
  10. SnapDragon

    FFA Spectrum: Where Do You Fall?

    I like mid-sized (16-20 stone, where 1 stone = 14 pounds) blokes. I'm not interested in weight gain stuff, so I'm going shopping I look for an off-the-peg fat man. :-)
  11. SnapDragon

    Moonsteed (SF-erotic-romance with a fat hero)

    Yup. :-) I'm writing this further line because apparently the message is too short.
  12. SnapDragon

    Moonsteed (SF-erotic-romance with a fat hero)

    Never judge a book by its cover. ;-)
  13. SnapDragon

    Moonsteed (SF-erotic-romance with a fat hero)

    Hi people. Wondered if this book might be of interest: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00514GL30/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 It's a science-fiction romance about a chubby, nerdy scientist hero and a military action heroine that includes some explicit sex. There should also be a paperback version...
  14. SnapDragon

    Health myths

    My dad: healthy diet, exercises. Went for a routine health check a few weeks ago, and turns out he has diabetes. My aunt's husband: exercised, healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, from what I can understand he ate very little meat, and usually chicken when he did. Diagnosed with...
  15. SnapDragon

    candy bar challenge

    1st row: Take a break nougat Twix pink wafer biscuit 2nd row Rolo IDK, looks like cheap supermarket version of a Mars bar Snickers Toblerone 3rd row IDK Milky way IDK Mars bar 4th row IDK IDK Cadburys caramel (disgusting) looks like a slobbery toffee with nuts stuck to it 5th row Bounty...
  16. SnapDragon

    Junior Doctors

    Anyone else in the UK or who can receive UK television seen this? Very cute fat doctor. :-)
  17. SnapDragon

    show us the picture of your animals

    Aw, peegs. I used to have peegs. They're all dead from old age now 'though.
  18. SnapDragon

    Absolutely favorite foods list!

    Probably will look rather different to other people's lists as I come from a different country to most of you: 1. Venison in a stew with shallots and red wine 2. Medjool dates 3. lobster 4. deep-fried Chinese king prawns in chilli and salt batter 5. Won ton soup 6. Chinese desserts...
  19. SnapDragon

    The Ohio FFA Headquarters

    This is why I stick with just 'fat fetishist'. If it's not absolutely clear what I mean by that, I can always clarify it as 'heterosexual fat fetishist'.
  20. SnapDragon

    show us the picture of your animals

    My spider: (this is how big it is IRL)