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  1. masterofdisasta7

    Times are Changing [Rewrite] (~BBW, XWG, Magic)

    Id love to know if there was more to this too
  2. masterofdisasta7

    Did I miss something?

    this story ever get reposted anywhere!?!?!
  3. masterofdisasta7

    What ever happened to "A Big Star"

    That story about a girl who made a wish in a well to become a really big star but instead she wound up getting fatter and fatter. Does anyone have it? Or know where I can get it?
  4. masterofdisasta7

    Rising Dough - by Takeda (~BBW, Gormandizing, Realistic, Mild Sex,~MWG )

    Oh god this stories amazing. Please continue and make her huge!:eat2:
  5. masterofdisasta7

    Divinity Cake - by LinathSuru (~BBW, ~FA, Erotica, Eating, Feeding ~XWG)

    Oh god that story was so good. Very well written! Does it continue? i hope to god it continues.
  6. masterofdisasta7

    Stages of Love - by tacofive (~BBW, ~XWG, Feeding)

    what an amazing story! youre a great writer
  7. masterofdisasta7

    looking for a gameshow story

    oh nvm i ffound it. Questions to calories
  8. masterofdisasta7

    looking for a gameshow story

    Its not high stakes by jp but some other gameshow with these 2 girls, I think it was like a daughter and her mother and they keep getting fatter. Thats all I can remember. Anyone know of it? It was on here somewhere.
  9. masterofdisasta7

    Times are Changing [Rewrite] (~BBW, XWG, Magic)

    This story is amazing! Keep up the good work!
  10. masterofdisasta7

    lookin for a story on here

    it was about a babysitter, or a live in nanny who watches this familys kids and tries to get them in shape. She winds up eating a lot and becoming lazy and fat herself.
  11. masterofdisasta7

    Man Boobs Curiosity

    my boobies are small :mad:
  12. masterofdisasta7

    Post Your Sexiest Pics Nekkid (2)

    im single!!! haha wheres the cali girls at!?
  13. masterofdisasta7

    cherry forever?

    whats that story about the dancer that gets fat,was it cherry forever? was it ever finished? I know someone started to redo it but i forgot about it.
  14. masterofdisasta7

    nanny babysitter story?

    i read this story one time,i think it was here about this babysitter who moves into this familys house to take care of the kids and she ends up eating all the kids snacks and bad food so the kids dont so they can loose weight. she herself ands up gaining lots and lots of weight because of it...
  15. masterofdisasta7

    Would You Like to Be Super Sized? - by JP

    now only if someone would illistrate it
  16. masterofdisasta7

    Roomie to Grow 2 - by Estrata (~BBW, ~BHM, Illustrated, Eating, ~XWG)

    I agree,theres plenty of relistic gaining out there,we need a little magic if you ask me
  17. masterofdisasta7

    Roomie to Grow 2 - by Estrata (~BBW, ~BHM, Illustrated, Eating, ~XWG)

    damn you are a really great artist,id even pay some money for your stuff! you should keep going with this comic till shes immoble!
  18. masterofdisasta7

    Sorry folks - illustrations not included

    soo uhhh who was this artist and can this progression be found anywhere else?