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  1. flashfeeder

    Feederism is hardwired, dammit. /rant

    Just subscribing to my new favorite thread. Although I do like the lock thread, sticky idea.
  2. flashfeeder

    secret feeder

    very well put. But there is no way this guy is for real, so for me it is not worth getting worked up about.
  3. flashfeeder

    What you Doesnt Like of a BBW

    So does that mean you have already started a companion thread to the favorite features thread where you talk about what you like about fa's? Because I would be interested to see that.;)
  4. flashfeeder

    How does your attraction play out in reality?

    my situation doesn't fit within one of the answers. I recently had a very long relationship with someone within my size preference end, and I don't really spend much time thinking about whether or not who I end up will be within my size preference or not. I would guess probably, although it is...
  5. flashfeeder

    What's hotter? (Process. vs. Result)

    while the results can certainly be beautiful, the process of weight gain itself has proved consistantly more appealing to me:eat2:. I voted for process.
  6. flashfeeder

    VAMPIRES! Pick your favorite!

    Gotta go with Blade. The opening fight scene in the first Blade movie is to this day one of the best in any vampire movie I've seen.
  7. flashfeeder

    Friends as FAs too

    A couple of my friends have similar preferences but not to the point where they label themselves FA much less feeder. I don't know that I would go as far to say that all my friends have been openly accepting of my preference, but it has never been a big topic of discussion for the most part. I...
  8. flashfeeder

    What famous woman would you want to fatten?

    I got a couple more celebs who I think could use their diets supplemented with excess calories. Michelle Beadle is pretty obscure, if you don't get ESPN2 you probably don't know her (see link to some pictures below), but I think she would be really cute with a few more bulges...
  9. flashfeeder

    FAs! Is weight gain arousing to you?

    same for me. I voted yes.
  10. flashfeeder

    Your favorite fat girl features...

    Can't say as I have just one favorite feature. For me it even changes based on the individual. Things as subtle as how someone dresses or carries themselves make a difference for me on what feature draws my eye.
  11. flashfeeder

    What famous woman would you want to fatten?

    Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. I just added her to a thread for who would you think would be heavier if they were not a celebrity, but the more I think on it the more I would like to help her along myself. It wouldn't have to be a lot I think another 50 pounds on her would look great...
  12. flashfeeder

    Would they be heavier if they weren't celebs?

    I would say Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, and then Nicole Sullivan who was on Mad TV and King of Queens. Christina has a very curvy figure that I think if she was not under the instense pressure of the entertainment industry to stay slender would be fuller. Nicole I think just seems the...
  13. flashfeeder

    Thinking of getting out of gaining!!!

    I know it's been a couple months since you posted, but if you're still having second thoughts at all about gaining or it is becomeing less fun I would definitly take a break and think long and hard about things. If you try to force it when your heart's not into it, it could become no fun at all.
  14. flashfeeder

    Face or figure?

    I voted face simply because a killer smile always seems to make a person stand out more for me.:D
  15. flashfeeder

    Birth Control and Weight Gain

    I guess I'm not sure what you mean by substantial, but it's been my experience that most medical professionals will make sure a woman who requests to be put on the pill knows that weight gain (among other things that you probably aren't as interested in) is a possible side effect. But at the...
  16. flashfeeder

    Anyone Catch Bones Tonight

    Didn't see it, but I would have to say any mainstream media mention outside of daytime talk shows that isn't overtly negative would be considered a bonus in my book no matter how brief a mention it is. I'll have to see if they offer replays of episodes online. Thanks for mentioning it.
  17. flashfeeder

    Anyone Fattened Up a GF or Wifey?

    I have been fortunate enough to be able to date a few women who were open (some even excited) to being in a relationship that included feeding/gaining. The first I met while I was in college, and while I was through the moon to have found someone who shared my interests I had no money and...
  18. flashfeeder

    A good day

    i concour. that would be a very good day!:)
  19. flashfeeder

    Stephenie Meyer

    very cute. cuter in my opinion with the extra weight for sure. hopefully life keeps being good to her. and not to defend her, because i have not read her books, but her personal story about having something she wrote in her free time as a hobby turn into a bestseller and movie franchise is very...