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  1. pineapplechertdog

    Force Feeding!

    My former GF, now better half, introduced me to the funnel after about 4 months of dating. It helped pave my way to gaining a lot of weight:bow:
  2. pineapplechertdog

    Before And After!!!

    Looking good Kit!! You are an inspiration!:eat1::eat1::eat1:
  3. pineapplechertdog

    Shoshie stacks it on

    My sentaments exactly!!!
  4. pineapplechertdog

    Before And After!!!

    Kit, you are an inspiration!!!!
  5. pineapplechertdog

    I've gotten really big!

    Hi Princess, There is no doubt you are enjoying life and the softness of your belly. You have defiantely made a change for the better....I would love to see some of the looks of approval you are getting at the gym and look forward to the next set of after photos!!!:eat1::eat1:
  6. pineapplechertdog

    Serious help on rapid weight gain

    For me it was all about keeping full all the time. I was eating something every hour and would continue eating even when I wasn't hungry. I started adding shakes and breve' lattes (heavy cream lattes) after a week and found it really helped; 2-4 a day on top of meals & snacks. It took about 3...
  7. pineapplechertdog

    What is your weight right now?

    a little over 600 last I checked
  8. pineapplechertdog

    Shoshie stacks it on

    hes a lucky man and you look terrific!!!
  9. pineapplechertdog

    A Bit Bigger ;-)

    Ah the waddle......:eat1:
  10. pineapplechertdog

    What is your weight right now?

    does big and growing count?
  11. pineapplechertdog

    Why are you gaining weight?

    I have to agree 100%.
  12. pineapplechertdog

    LMFAO....what made you laugh today?

    realizing that I'm post on a thread thats almost a year old.
  13. pineapplechertdog

    Something I've always been curious about...

    yea, its not all that easy and nice to see ladies out there not afraid to approach us big guys. I ran into an exGF, who helped me gain a lot of weight, years later who told me it wouldn't have lasted much longer as I was too big. So I gues the walls go up and life goes on. But not to worry, I...
  14. pineapplechertdog

    where to eat in san diego?

    I'll be in San Diego for the first time and wondering if there are any restaurants where I could get absolutely stuffed without spending a fortune.
  15. pineapplechertdog

    BHMs, check out my cooking!

    If only I could find someone to cook like that for me......I'd be huge in no time!!!! Well, actually my wife does and I am getting there:wubu::eat2::eat1: