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  1. Latte

    Let Me Clothe You

    Fractal Necklace!
  2. Latte

    Let Me Clothe You

    This is my favorite interesting thing!
  3. Latte

    What is/are your signature perfume(s)?

    I'm seeing a lot of my favorites mentioned in this thread. Y'all have good taste! I got a sample of the new Michael Kors Island - Palm Beach. It's amazing, MUST HAVE IT.
  4. Latte

    What did you buy today?

    I just bought these to go with that Asos maxi dress. I have a lime green clutch I'm stalking to go with. Next up is a hat and some long layered gold necklaces. Oooh Mel, I love those grey gladiators!
  5. Latte

    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    A: I'd want to go to Pantone HQ and see how they choose the color of the year because I'm always fascinated by think tanks and trend analysis. Oooh, or the next script writing session for Dr. Who! /nerd Q: If you had to get a tattoo tomorrow, where and what would it be and why?
  6. Latte

    What was the last thing you ate?

    A hot dog and a diet coke. It was Costco for dinner tonight.
  7. Latte

    Perceptions of Big women

    First, conversations ebb and flow. You can't control the direction of a thread just because someone disagrees with you. Next, let's follow your logic. You assume that because I don't have a particular illness I know nothing about them? That seems a little unfair and dare I say, judgmental...
  8. Latte

    Inspiration for your NICKNAME and AVATAR

    I'm biracial and my family used to always say "You've got a little cream in your coffee!" to describe my skin tone. Then my first job was as a barista so I was "the latte girl" to my regulars and finally just Latte. My avatar is kind of self-explanatory
  9. Latte

    Perceptions of Big women

    You have the internet. You have food. You aren't required to take public transportation everywhere. Everyone has hardship. This isn't a pissing contest on how life is difficult. Life is difficult, full stop. My grandma has MS. She's had it since she was in her 20's. She's 78. She's retired...
  10. Latte

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Thanks everyone! :wubu:
  11. Latte

    2011 Singles thread

    Hello! Glad to meet someone of a similar species.
  12. Latte

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Thank you! It's from Eshakti a couple of years ago.
  13. Latte

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    I took my mom to high tea at a fancy hotel for her birthday and we all wore hats. I made mine.
  14. Latte

    Kayaking for big people?

    I got mine at REI. I was lucky enough to find it off the rack. It's the Mona Lisa by MTI and it fits up to a 56" chest. I know Stearns goes up to a 62" chest and you might just have to look around depending on your chest/waist measurements. Large breasts were my problem so I needed one with a...
  15. Latte

    Kayaking for big people?

    I know some of the rafting and river kayaks can still be quite slim still but all the touring ones I've used have been roomy. The only problems I saw were due to height (my ex is 6'5" and I'm 5'8") and we both needed more leg room than the tandem provided. He was actually most comfortable in a...
  16. Latte

    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    hot dogs with all the fixins and salad
  17. Latte

    What Are You EATING right now?

    creamy black beans, spicy chicken fajitas, and some salsa all wrapped in a warm corn tortilla
  18. Latte

    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    A: I take melatonin every night for that exact reason. Otherwise I watch Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations or How It's Made. For some reason, both of those knock me right out. Q: Would you ever consider becoming a minimalist?
  19. Latte

    Perceptions of Big women

    But you ARE privileged. You have the time to bargain hunt and volunteer. You aren't spending that time working your 2nd or 3rd job just to feed your family. You have the privilege of having the education and resources so that you can alter or learn how to alter and sew your own clothes. Thread...
  20. Latte

    Kayaking for big people?

    Hi! I've kayaked quite a bit. I love it. I prefer the sit inside kayaks because I tend to be in the ocean and it's COLD. Tips...hmmm, don't be afraid to get wet. You probably will, but it's okay, all in good fun. Don't be afraid to speak up and get a life jacket that fits you either. If it's...