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  1. WickedWaggy

    Should I come out to my gf?

    Along with some others here, I've always been very open about my adoration for fatties. If you're seriously dating someone who is not skinny, then it's probably fairly obvious to most that you prefer it as well. Honesty is the best policy. Obviously you don't want to compare her with other...
  2. WickedWaggy

    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    First off, this thread has wholly and completely derailed.... Secondly I am amazed at reading some of the posts in thread. I found dims in 1996 or 1997 I seem to remember and it is hard to believe where these forums have come since then. I thought this was a size acceptance community. That...
  3. WickedWaggy

    Guy's Skills/Hobbies Thread

    Since this seems to be the miscellanious "spare time killer" thread, I think I could contribute too. I was a "chef" for a few years, so I still love to cook around the house, now that it no longer pays the bills. As well as sporting clays and fishing. I'm a draftsman, designer, and...
  4. WickedWaggy

    Fat partner -- What breaks? What doesn't?

    I had a BBW girlfriend break my brand new bed, the first night I had it. No no no, not like that - she ran and jumped on it from the kitchen... :doh: We broke the arm off the couch like that.
  5. WickedWaggy

    Second Helping for Itchin' Aliens!

    I have to say that I look forward to all of your posts Ned. You have such a way with the English language. :bow:
  6. WickedWaggy

    Outgrowing, bursting and busting through

    Nice post!
  7. WickedWaggy

    Do you eat the parts you aren't supposed to?

    Soooo, that means I was not supposed to eat the candles on my birthday cake? No wonder I got heartburn... :rolleyes:
  8. WickedWaggy

    What first got you into bigger women?

    I remember an old mickey mouse cartoon where he kept feeding Pluto steaks and he kept getting bigger and bigger. That cartoon made me so happy as a kid! Naturally the feeling never went away and as I got older I realized that the fluffy chicks were the bees knees man.
  9. WickedWaggy

    How genetic do you think fat admiration is?

    Sounds familiar. Everybody in my family is tiny, and dates tiny. I don't know where I get it from. Milkman I guess.
  10. WickedWaggy

    The Music Thread

    Been flipping through this thread and I didn't see any Reverend Horton Heat! He's the man, Jimbo is one of my personal heroes. Also, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers has infested my brain. http://youtu.be/XWSnO59bFzs
  11. WickedWaggy

    Feeding Machine

    Hmm, that makes it sound bad. I jumped on this thread because I work in the fluid power industry. End user is referring to the final customer, through the contractor or directly from the manufacturer, that any system is installed. Hydraulic pumps and high pressure fluid distribution is an...
  12. WickedWaggy

    Outgrowing, bursting and busting through

    Is there some kind of policy against posting on old threads?
  13. WickedWaggy

    Feeding Machine

    There would be no problem making such a machine. Using anything from a hand pump to a variable speed electric motor. You could connect it to a foot pedal, control knob, a dimmer switch for lights would work. The only limitation there would be is the viscosity of the liquid to be pumped...
  14. WickedWaggy

    eating during sex

    I thought food an sex was going to be far too messy. However, when my partner brought it up I figured I'd give it a shot. We had a huge dinner and topped off with her eating 4 or 5 Devil Cremes while I was nomming on her. She swears it was the best she ever had, and I enjoyed it too.
  15. WickedWaggy

    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    Just for the record, I think I would label myself as a gainer, seeing as I do it to please myself. I have only been in one relationship where I had the opportunity to be a feeder, and I felt a little left out... It has been slow and steady for me over the years but it makes me wonder if I...