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  1. Famouslastwords

    Size 11 Black and White Diamond Ring and Other Jewelry on Sale

    Hi all. My bf and I are having a real difficult time financially and I'm selling some of my jewelry to make ends meet. I have really fat fingers so I figured this would be a good place to advertise my ebay listing of my size 11 black and white diamond white gold ring...
  2. Famouslastwords

    Caption This Again!

    oops I was behind a few pages.
  3. Famouslastwords

    Man Robs Bank of $1 To Get Healthcare

    Fuck, that's deep man. Real deep. You sure you haven't been to prison? Fuck.
  4. Famouslastwords

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    "These are OR scrubs." "O-R they?"
  5. Famouslastwords

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    It puts the syrup on the pancake or else the creeper messages it again.
  6. Famouslastwords

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    While all the time that she was loving you, you were busy loving yourself...
  7. Famouslastwords

    ? fat girls can't jump

  8. Famouslastwords

    Sleep study

    I had mine done in a hospital. And yeah it's true you have to lay on your back or your side, no stomach sleeping at all. It's terrible, it's why it was the worst nights sleep for me.
  9. Famouslastwords

    The Royal Wedding--does anyone care?

    Frank, you ARE an AWESOME AUSSIE to me in spirit.
  10. Famouslastwords

    Anything going on in Indiana?

    Indy, I live in Indiana, I can't stand Guy Fieri though so I bet I miss out on some awesome food.
  11. Famouslastwords

    Sleep study

    I had one done recently, it was the worst night's sleep I've ever had.
  12. Famouslastwords

    Happy Birthday CastingPearls!

    Happy Birthday lady.
  13. Famouslastwords

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    I love how you blocked me for getting mad at you for saying you're too hot for me, hello captain overreaction. (I know he'll never see this as he's not on this site.)
  14. Famouslastwords

    Happy Birthday FamousLastWords

    Oh hey, I think this is the first year I've gotten one of these threads.
  15. Famouslastwords


    Of course you meant the haiku, right?
  16. Famouslastwords


    One haiku and a poem I wrote today. I wrote a haiku And everybody loves it It's about my poo And onto more serious matters. Maybe I'll show it to the men who it's about someday. Probably one of them sooner than other (my bf.) Broken Aren't we are pair I sit and wait...
  17. Famouslastwords

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    I know you love me, love me for who I am, because years before I became who I am baby you were my man.
  18. Famouslastwords

    Non-Anonymous Crush Thread II - "You know you wanna say it!"

    That's right D- I better be #1, cuz I liked it and I put a ring on it! <3
  19. Famouslastwords

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    Feel damn you, feel, like you're alive again.
  20. Famouslastwords

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    And all the times we've ever crossed, was just to keep you here.