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  1. C

    Feederism Today

    And any chance of another set and video update @HeatherBBW ? :) Just stumbling onto this thread means I’ll check if the old desktop will fire up. I probably need to join your site one more time for the memories…one of the first sites I’ve ever joined. Thank you for BC, it has literally been the...
  2. C

    Feederism Today

    Wow, hadn’t been to Dims in a while and hadn’t checked Weight Board in a long time. What a great thread to stumble onto, posted by an OG, lol! not an expert, not actually in a feeder/feedee relationship, but for sure into BBW’s and SSBBW’s. Just casual observation that also may be a factor…more...
  3. C

    BBW Sweet Sarah (SSBBW, Gluttony)

    Hoping for more chapters to this or NoviceFAs other story. These are so good.
  4. C

    BBW Sweet Sarah (SSBBW, Gluttony)

    Thank you! Some great stories there. And so much more of this amazing story.
  5. C

    BBW Sweet Sarah (SSBBW, Gluttony)

    Any chance this will continue? It may be my all-time favorite story.
  6. C

    BBW Sweet Sarah (SSBBW, Gluttony)

    This is an incredible story. Would love to see it continue. It’s so well written.
  7. C

    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    Wow! That's 32 pounds since the start of the year. The booty is back. I'll have to send a cheesecake soon.
  8. C

    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    In addition to all the other beautiful parts we've all listed...smile probably at the top...your arms are getting quite sexy. I don't remember them looking that plump back on your site. Maybe I was distracted by the booty then, who knows. But arms rolls = very sexy!
  9. C

    Post Your Hot or Cute Real Life Fatty Stories of Fatness

    And isn't it every FA's dream to get to spoon/ladle next to your terrific butt! So hot.
  10. C

    What is your weight right now?

    Doc say anything? He must've noticed you had lost quite a bit of weight then it's taken off lately. Maybe respond with just one word, "cheescake!".
  11. C

    Post Your Hot or Cute Real Life Fatty Stories of Fatness

    That's funny! I know we've got to keep the thread real, but the imagination turns those words around to spooning with you in bed.:smitten: Mmmmm booty.
  12. C

    Do Ssbbw's ever go for a bigger guy? As in musculature?

    Both members of the couple would spend time working out. He'd lift weights and tone his muscles. She'd eat and be sexy as a result. That's a kind of body building, right? ;-)
  13. C

    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    ...when you find any excuse to leave a group to get another site of a hot SSBBW. This was the case, I was out of town visiting friends. Of all places it was a checkout girl at Wal Mart in Nebraska. Random I know. Unfortunately by the time I gave a lame excuse to walk past where I first saw...
  14. C

    Favorite weightgain stories

    Me too. I think I yahoo or snap searched (shows how long ago) the fattest girl in the world. Boy was my high school or junior high life turned around! Pencomputing, remember that URL?
  15. C

    Dimensions Forum Members to be on The Dr. Oz Show (Thurs. 9/22/11)

    The sound was down at work so I didn't get to hear the interview, I figured it would be bad stuff. But working at a bank I was pretty excited to see 700-pound SSBBW Celestial right on the TV there in HD! I'm not dumb enough to surf to those sites while at work. Instead, it came right on the...
  16. C

    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    When you go to the store, having a bad day, then realize it all turns around at the site you see -- a huge woman walking in ahead of you. Most would be frustrated at her slow pace I was excited. Yep, it was me a couple days ago at the store and this may be the fattest woman I had seen, also...
  17. C

    FA Films?

    The movie was alright but watching her in it was amazing. I guess after years of watching the models here it was different to see a SSBBW in an actual real film. She is huge in the film and she is absolutely gorgeous. The FA play in the film....well, you just have to see it. It is worth your time.
  18. C

    SSBBW Actress Carrie Baker Reynolds starring in City Island

    I just watched it. Maybe it's because I looked just like the boy at the time but this was an amazing movie to watch. I'm not so sure about the part where she says she's a proud 350 pound BBW. I think it's about 100 pounds more. But she is gorgeous and the FA plotlines are amazing. A very...
  19. C

    Your favorite fat girl features...

    It certainly varies and I don't find all BBW/SSBBW attractive. It's not just being overweight. I also find thin women attractive, but moreso if they have large breasts or thick thighs. For me, it's always first the face. A cute face surrounded in fat is the best. Next: 1. Huge, pillowy...
  20. C

    Lois on Family Guy gets fat?

    My all-time favorite Simpson's episode is where Homer intentionally gains weight. I realize, it was Homer and not a beautiful lady, but the thought of purposefully gaining weight was awesome more than a decade ago.