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  1. orin

    UK Indian Laced wife’s food with steroids to make her fat

    Sounds like something my dad would have done ... if my mom had not been a stay at home already.
  2. orin

    Very positive AP article: Brazilians getting fatter, still want sexy bathing suits

    I LOOOVEEE HOW THE BRAZILLIAN BBWS look so much ... oooh the curves galore ....
  3. orin

    Something truly horrible that I need some opinions on...

    YES ... so very true on this also ... a few times I had to correct some people about that, because a woman I was dating was this plus size model type of girl ... and they were like ... "u must be benching her while she eats all day to help your workout" ... then i whipped out a pic of her...
  4. orin

    Something truly horrible that I need some opinions on...

    This part is so VERY true ... I notice some of the meanest people are those who were once bigger. I think it is because they hated themselves at a larger side and now hate others who shared the size they once were. I used to be a bigger guy and muscled up, but I understand that it is not easy...
  5. orin

    Asperger's Syndrome and FA-dom

    A homosexual FA ?? ... interesting Funny thing was ... I was diagnosed with aspergers around 4-5 myself ... but ... thing is grew up in a very unforgiving environment... so i accommodated for that ... but i still run into some issues, but i just play it off .. most people would never guess...
  6. orin

    ValerieSSBBW on Dr. Drew Lifechangers

    Valerie was AMAZING and should be an example for other BBW who get to be in TV, not giving them ammunition to use for snark and BS !!!
  7. orin

    Who says there are no genuinely full-figured plus-size models?

    Brazil ... fat bigotry exists ... in Argentina ... that shit is RIDICULOUS !!!! .... I
  8. orin

    Kelly Gneiting Sumo Champ – Marathon Runner

    Exactly !!! I am sure the endurance helps his sumo fighting abilities alot !!
  9. orin

    Massive Mocha on Dr Drew at 3PM

    I thought it was cute she could not squash the giant balloon :-D but these shows just wanna make fun of people for profit ... thats all it is .
  10. orin

    ValerieSSBBW on Dr. Drew Lifechangers

    You are right ... he got what he wanted through Mae, and Valerie knew better how to handle the media, because they could have easily make her out to seem like an over eating slob, but Valerie did not succumb to that. Valerie was not blindsided because they did not have anyone to do that to her...
  11. orin

    ValerieSSBBW on Dr. Drew Lifechangers

    I dont know you Valerie but I do know know Mae ... and ALL I GOT TO SAY IS JUST WOW !!! Does it really look like Mae came there to talk about those activities, the promote those activities ... NO ... they hit up another model of mine Big Lizz and she told them off the bat, no blindsiding...
  12. orin

    The New York Public Library blocks this site!!

    a coffee shop I go to also blocks this site ... meh :/
  13. orin

    Your Dims Smurf Name

    Power Smurf !!!!
  14. orin

    Inappropriate Smurf names

    MUTHA-F**KIN SMURF !!!! He aint got no inside voice ... he like samuel L jackson !!!
  15. orin

    BBW millionaire on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker

    She is cute .... i would go on a date with her !!!
  16. orin

    How do you instill fat acceptance in children?

    I love your avatar ... so cute Kids just know that some people are bigger than others, the ones that are bigger they call fat. For instance, i had relatives come from my fathers home country, the kids are not used to seeing more muscularly thick build people, mostly skinnier people, they are...
  17. orin


    I used to date a girl around 265 ... i loved when she sat on my lap .... but if we were alone .. it would end up with her sitting on something else .. just feeling all that mass on me drove me insane
  18. orin

    'Diet or die,' world’s fattest woman is warned after hitting FIFTY STONE

    You and I think alike in the subject bigmac, that what i was wondering, what would have made her eat to the point of loosing mobility. I was almost wondering if her husband is in fact a feeder. But alas the focus should be as to how can she loose the weight and regain her health and her life again.
  19. orin

    'Diet or die,' world’s fattest woman is warned after hitting FIFTY STONE

    I agree ... I love plumpness ... but when it starts to severely affect health, such a desire becomes too selfish
  20. orin

    Agadbam: India's Norbit?

    Some of these indian movies are just spoofs of existing flicks as for indian men and bigger women, yes .. there are some indian men that love "healthy" looking women. Actually ... in some areas where there is um ... sex for sale ... the women are made to be plumper, the plumper ones are seen...