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  1. ZainTheInsane

    Are feeders bad people?

    Cultural norms, plus people putting down others fetishes, multiplied by rarity and you have a cocktail of shame, guilt, and potential frustration.
  2. ZainTheInsane

    Denying fertility treatment to obese women?

    Heartbreaking yes, but I think your point of per kilo medication dosage, combined with Doctors being risk adverse to begin with, weighs heavily in most decisions. If I were a doctor, and I saw the risk as unacceptably high for a patient, but they still wanted it anyway, I might recommend some...
  3. ZainTheInsane

    I don't think my boyfriends a fan of my curves?!

    Hard to embarrass a guy by opening up to them. If he's worth it, he'll want to go for it. If not, well, now you know.
  4. ZainTheInsane

    Teresa's First Year at NYU - by ZaneTheInsane (~BBW, ~~WG)

    Teresa relaxed as she stood in line, putting her hands in her jean pockets as she fidgeted a bit. She looked ahead of her in line, seeing a couple guys, and a few girls ahead of her. Directly ahead of her was a short girl with mouse brown hair who was playing around with her cell phone. It...
  5. ZainTheInsane

    Teresa's First Year at NYU - by ZaneTheInsane (~BBW, ~~WG)

    ~BBW, ~~WG - A young woman transfers from a local community college to NYU after a lot of hard work and studying. Teresa’s First Year at NYU By ZaneTheInsane It was quarter to four when Teresa exited the bus with a heave and a sigh. It was still a long walk to her new apartment, and she...
  6. ZainTheInsane

    Julia, Ass. Manager - by ZaneTheInsane (~BBW, ~~WG, Romance)

    ~BBW, ~~WG, Romance - A young man meets an attractive woman at his new job who just happens to be one of the assistant managers. Julie Ass. Manager By ZaneTheInsane Working in retail was never truly fun for me. Since I’d turned seventeen and been hired at Target, I wanted nothing more...
  7. ZainTheInsane

    After "coming out" to partner

    Just tell him everything. But do it at a time when he is feeling comfortable with himself, and you are feeling particularly confident. You know...one of those great days when you feel like you rolled out of bed on the better side, and he's looking and feeling rather handsome. I confessed all...
  8. ZainTheInsane

    A Rallying Cry Against Fraud

    I think its funny that this, or any other place online, is considered a gathering place. Its basically a social crutch for numerous individuals who fail for one reason or another existing in the real world, or finding individuals who like what they like in their own area because of social...
  9. ZainTheInsane

    The Next Crisis -- Student Loans

    I do have to say one thing for my student loans. They've given me amazing credit! I get amazing rates no matter where I go! Of course the problem is I can't afford a house or new car BECAUSE of my loans....sigh
  10. ZainTheInsane

    The Fat Woman of Your Dreams

    Umm...she doesn't have one to my knowledge.
  11. ZainTheInsane

    What to do when someone's perving on your girl ?

    Uh...I suggest instead of it costing him a dollar, you imply it might cost him several thousand...to repair his face after you're done with it? Or perhaps if you're more of the peaceful kind, simply tell the person in a firm voice, to stop staring at your girlfriend. I'm sure there are a...
  12. ZainTheInsane


    Because as much as that would be the easy way, it wouldn't be the right way.
  13. ZainTheInsane


    I know this is a community of acceptance and tolerance, but I have questions which might test that... Would it ever be possible for an FA or FFA who has been less than courtesy of his/her fellows to be redeemed in the eyes of those they thought to be friends upon this board? Or does one...
  14. ZainTheInsane

    The Fat Woman of Your Dreams

    Honestly, two girls fit my ideal insofar as fatness goes...and until they came around I was sort of unfocused in my like of fat women as a whole. Those two women are Plumpprincess and Sweet&Fat...aka Courtney and Leah. Both are beautiful people inside and out, both are amazing women who are...
  15. ZainTheInsane

    BBWs and Skinny Jeans

    I was told the whole point of 'skinny' jeans is that they actually are made for fat girls. I was told this by a friend of mine over the thanksgiving holiday as she modeled some 'skinny' jeans on her big pear-shaped body.
  16. ZainTheInsane

    Bbw farting

    In my experience with the women I've dated, a lot of times after stuffing themselves quite silly, they tend to become gassy afterwards, especially if they've eaten a large meal earlier in the day. I suppose it also depends on the woman though, her capacity, and what foods make her gassy...
  17. ZainTheInsane

    Bbw farting

    I believe the answer to your question is yes. And as a follow up, a ton of guys most certainly pay for it, considering the plethora of paysites which are focused solely around women tooting, pooting, breaking wind, passing gas, etc etc etc...
  18. ZainTheInsane

    Bbw farting

    I'd actually pay to see that. Though please keep the daffodils, my yard is rather full of them.
  19. ZainTheInsane

    Bbw farting

    Very cute, and from a very cute woman too ;)
  20. ZainTheInsane

    Bbw farting

    Fair enough, but I figured cutting him some slack was in order...after all, he's only posted 3 times...