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    need help from the bbw ladies

    Thanks for the responses. All good info.
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    need help from the bbw ladies

    Im trying to get her to do this but then she says i thought u want me bigger. Round and round we go. Are these things you do at your size?
  3. N

    need help from the bbw ladies

    Anybody have any thoughts? Non smart ass ones. :)
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    need help from the bbw ladies

    My wife has been aware of my preference for a while now and she is not opposed to gaining SLOWLY. When we met 10 years ago she was 135, she weighed at the doctor the other day and she was 201. Excited she has reached and is maintaining the 200 mark for about 6 months now. My question is how...
  5. N

    How did you tell your significant other?

    I told her by showing her sites like curvage and dimensions. I think she was surprised at first due to this not being the NORM and the fact that she had a boyfriend at one time that belittled her for not being thin enough at 120 lbs. 10 years into our relationship and she is at 205lbs now and...
  6. N

    Feeding cruises

    She didnt object too it. My preference is still fairly new to her but she definately wasnt holding back. At one point she said that her pants were tight and it looks like i got my wish. Then another day we had eaten with her parents and after, we walked by the all u can eat pizza and she grabbed...
  7. N

    What Junk Food does for Girls (before & after)

    It should say "what girls do when they find out what men really like"
  8. N

    Cruise ship weight gain

    Kinda delurking for this one. Dont usually post much. I met my wife in 2003 and she was a voluptuous 140lbs. She stedily unintentionally gained to 180 at the time of our wedding in 2007. We were going on an alaskan 7 day cruise in june 2011 where i asked to see how much she could gain, she...
  9. N

    Vegas Bash 2011 Picts

    I cant view the stream. Anyone know why
  10. N

    How do you make sure your feedee is fed while the feeder is away on a trip?

    Just leave junk food in the house and she is sure to eat something.
  11. N

    Feeding cruises

    Just went on one and before we left I asked my wife if she would "indulge" a bit to see what she would gain. She has never really intentionally done this before but day one we went in and weighed in the gym and she was 204 lbs and the last day we were on a shore excursion and had to weigh...
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    San Diego BBW Bash : March 11-13 2011!

    gotta get more familiar with facebook! still learnin this stuff
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    San Diego BBW Bash : March 11-13 2011!

    Any pictures anywhere. Cant find anything. Looked like a blast on the partial vid stream i saw. Next year!
  14. N

    San Diego BBW Bash : March 11-13 2011!

    darn!! I was hoping to attend my first event ever but I just found out I have to work all weekend. I knew it was to good to be true.
  15. N

    Airplane tickets

    My wife and i went on a trip from ca to ny and i noticed how much her body is starting to really fill the seat. I have heard about a seat belt extension which she does not need quite yet, but whats next? Do any of u have to buy two tickets or choose too for that matter. I know this issue will...
  16. N

    BBWs and Skinny Jeans

    Its funny, i love fat girls in skinny jeans but think skinny girls are unflattering in skinny jeans.
  17. N

    Have never had this happen before

    and if your really lucky u get to see other attractive plus size women at the store also
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    Ventura County People?

    Anyone here from ventura county?
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    Marriage Weight Gain

    I started dating my wife in 2002 and she was 135ish and now she is 200 plus or minus.