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    I talked to a lawyer today, I have an appointment scheduled for next wk.
  2. I


    is there anything I can do?, he's selling off all of his stock from his job. there's nothing I can do about that since I don't have a say so what goes on at his job. but both of our names is on the savings & checking account, I probably can't take his name off the savings. he's sneaking &...
  3. I

    Are you a vegan or a carnivore?

    I plan is one of these days going vegan, right now I'm trying to take baby steps, when I say baby steps I mean(SMALL baby steps). :D
  4. I

    What's your latest kick?

    avocados, I had my first one about a yr or so ago it was pretty good, but I thought nothing of it. so about a few months ago I tried another one & now I'm hooked, i'll just eat them plain with salt & pepper , with eggs, or just wrap a piece of cold cuts around them, but tonight I finally...
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    What Are You EATING right now?

    just finished some golden flakes cheese puffs. :eat2:
  6. I

    What Are You Watching Right Now?

  7. I

    What are you happy about today?

    that my power was finally turned back on today between 3:00 & 3:30pm, ice storm knocked it out sunday & we just got it back on Thursday. :D
  8. I

    here we go again

    we're still in the dark since sunday, the power was suppose to be back on Wed, but now they've changed it to Thurs, if it wasn't for the generator I'd still be in the dark, but I'm saving all of those gas receipts, maybe I can file it on next yr taxes, I've used about 3 or 4 five gallon jugs...
  9. I

    here we go again

    power went out at 6:22 sunday evening, I'm using a generator now for power, they say they might be back on wed night at 10:pm but I'm keeping my fingers cross that it'll be sooner. ho ho tai, thanks for the info, but come on now you can be around for a 76yrs, at 76 you must be doing something...
  10. I

    here we go again

    okay, if you guys don't see a few of us for a few days, we'll be buried AGAIN under rain, ice, sleet & a few flakes of snow. man, I'm so tired of this weather this is my first complaining about the cold weather, I know we shouldn't question god, but man I need a break :(, I told some one...
  11. I

    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    3 fried egg whites, 2or 3 spoons of brown rice & a half of an Italian bison smoked sausage. :eat2:
  12. I

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    congrats, beautiful couple.
  13. I


    ya'll I was too busy having fun reading the posts on "hate mail from a feeder", I was just sitting back having fun, I was saying to myself i'll get back to this when the drama was over. moore2me, I totally get it, what I'm entitled to I just wasn't in the mood to argue with him again about...
  14. I


    you guys I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back with you, my state was hit for the 2nd time with an ice storm, once in December & again this past super bowl sunday(half time even though I wasn't watching). our lights went out then & we finally got them back on this past Friday, and then my...
  15. I


    oh I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you, but I plan on going in with my eyes wide open I don't have any trust in him now so I definitely won't believe he'll have my best interest in the end. I'm also glad you found love again. :) & I wish you all the best. after 22yrs I think i'll...
  16. I


    I'm sure there's a few people that has gone through a divorce, I just wanted to ask a few questions, they may sound silly but I just wanted to know what it was like. it looks like I will be headed in that direction soon after 22yrs, I just wanted to ask a few questions one is was it...
  17. I

    What Are You Watching Right Now?

    just 1 of my favorite movies, PREDATOR with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEEGER, CARL WEATHERS & JESSE VENTURA. I just love this movie even though I have it on dvd I still like to watch it on cable when ever it comes on.
  18. I

    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    black eyed peas, cornbread, fried & I also baked some Pollock(ate the fried will have the baked for dinner tomorrow), & a few smoked turkey necks.
  19. I

    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    pinto beans, greens , cornbread & bbq beef ribs. :eat2:
  20. I

    What did you buy today?

    wow! you have such great taste in fashion, you & all of the other ladies on here, those dresses ARE BEAUTIFUL, I wish I wasn't so shy about wearing such things, i'm one that tries to hide all of my curves, I haven't quite embraced them all yet. :D