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  1. C

    Looking for A Stressed Mother's Gain

    Anyone got this good story?
  2. C

    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    Very reversal, slaughtering the starved calf an all that.
  3. C

    Looking for an oldie about greek goddesses

    Title says it all, I'm looking for an old story that seems to have been lost in the ether of the internet it was a series of stories actually, about the greek goddesses all being magically fattened by a mysterious force i distinctly remember a scene where athena wakes up and she's over 300 lbs...
  4. C

    looking for a story

    Mad respect for someone who knows their male WG. I love the scene where Julie is watching the pics and vids of aaron and some of them make her gasp, and send her into a daze. Nothing like being perverted with high blood pressure XD!
  5. C

    looking for a story

    i forgot the name,but its about a guy named aaron, a climber jock, his boss sends him to a balkan country where they fatten him up he tries to get back into climbing again but sprains his ankle his wife turns out to be in on the plan to fatten him
  6. C

    looking for a nancy drew weight gain story

    I read a story about nancy drew and the gals gaining weight on an investigation, anyone know where this is?
  7. C

    The Case of the Perilous Potluck - by Marlow

    I went to check what their starting weights were and it was in chapter 6 or 7 so here's a bump for it. Hesper: 130 Roxie: 170
  8. C

    The Girl In The Coffee Shop

    good way at first but when he hadnt seen her by the end of the chapter it was a bad way lol
  9. C

    The Girl In The Coffee Shop

    Wow, this last chapter was a little -too- real.
  10. C

    The Case of the Perilous Potluck - by Marlow

    This is definately going in the right direction, but it could certain use some more stomach description, stomach focus, and maybe even the main character thinking about her own weight, it's not just a number :)
  11. C

    Why are Anime Girls so Damn Skinny? - by Da Games Elite (~BBW multiple, ~MWG, Magic)

    Wow this story was INCREDIBLY non erotic. Not much teasing, or even much focus on the female figure. Tried to pass itself off as a well thought out story that'd suprise you with some good paragraphs, but it was just baaaaaad.
  12. C

    That Skinny Asian Girl ( non-fiction stuffing feeding ~BBW ~~WG )

    well he lived with her a while, so i'm gonna go with the default, he may as well have because he definately could have
  13. C

    That Skinny Asian Girl ( non-fiction stuffing feeding ~BBW ~~WG )

    pretty good story since it didn't gross me out... but of course we all wanna know if you banged her or not?
  14. C

    The Investigation - translated by Jim Kerry PI (~BBW, ~SWG, Feeding, ~SWG)

    Heheh, my name is James Cohen, fun times! Pretty common names though.
  15. C

    Artist and Model, or Kelly's Body Upgrade

    So awesome *Drool*
  16. C

    College Days (BBW, WG, Fanfic)

    What's your dev art account name?
  17. C

    Fully Processed Pudding - by Cat Tac (~BBW (Multiple), Eating, ~XWG)

    very bad, how this not be titled XWG? XWG XWG XWG XWG XWG
  18. C

    Summer Daze - BBW (mult), SWG

    i think it's time for sheila to fill out the rest of the way
  19. C

    Madame Zalara (magic, ~SWG, ~BBW)

    rosie and amy were th best i think, but i really appreciate that you try to play to everyone's interests
  20. C

    Tales of The Spa: Courtney - by Matt L.(~BBW(Mult), Imagery, Revenge, Romance. ~SWG )

    SWG my ass... also a huge waste of time... blah blah fucking blah and when courtney is at 160 lbs she's under a fucking blanket the whole time... like that's too skinny to be seen... size acceptance works both ways, you dont have to be 800 lbs to be beautiful