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    Flaunting your fat.

    I loved reading the posts, but I really was hoping for more photos. Gosh you gals flaunt your fat just by posting - really! My imagination is fortunately alive and well. Photos are always welcome though. :)
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    BBW Confessions thread

    you look super cute to me too ahhhh, I mean, your husband is a lucky guy!
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    Happy Thought of the Day

    lol, just read what you posted and it made me smile! weekends are great!
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    What's your latest kick?

    Ok, now I want one, or two, or three! Sounds really good. I tend to like rich decadent ice cream, but do they come in ice cream flavors with nuts, chocolate too? Why am I hungry? I should be still stuffed from dinner... Oh Plush Kitty you are getting to me!
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    Q about lower bellies.

    Tracii, Sorry, was slow to post, but wanted to send a compliment on your pics. Thanks for sharing them. In my opinion you don't look that big. I think your lower tummy looks just right and well proportioned. Chuck
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    Boyfriend not interested in sex

    Find a way to cut lose; indulge; let each other let yourself go. (If some of these expressions sound like they're related to getting fat, well, I tend to think it can help.)
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    What is your weight right now?

    weigh to go! 330 is a good and nice weight not to say 360 wouldn't be even better :wubu:
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    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    It's kind of a mind meld between us! lol Patty melt fries milk shake apple pie ice cream tummy rub! :wubu:
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    The sensation of jiggling

    watch the jiggle! ahhh, it's fun even to just imagine it. thank you ladies.
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    BBW Confessions thread

    I think I'd love to go shopping if there was a fashion show say showing how things fit 1 or 2 sizes too small, and perhaps 1 or 2 sizes too big. It simply seems incredibly erotic to know that there is more to love - today and, with luck, tomorrow!
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    What is your weight right now?

    I just keep overeating and piling in the calories I guess! I weighed in today and WOW, I am getting fat! 269.2! That's about 14 lbs more than at the start of the month. :) I'm definitely getting quite the fat big round jelly belly. It feels good too. ;) Seems my daily routine is to eat about...
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    Q about lower bellies.

    Tracii, I hope that the responses make you feel more at ease. I am sure you are beautiful and sexy with or without a big belly. It is something that I think is sexy, and hopefully you'll find it to be an erogenous zone too. So, willing to share any pics? Please.
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    Are there any FFAs who are into dominating on this site

    I'm turning more into a feedee too, so make em all feeders or at least FFAs!
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    What is your weight right now?

    Almost up 10 lbs since I weighed and posted last month. I'm eating so much I'm surprised that it's not more. Do others love to feel stuffed? I'm sure they do. I just keep packing it in! Starting to really feel fat. :D Wish someone would encourage me though. Anyone out there? Hello? :confused:
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    What are you unhappy about today?

    So sorry to hear your mom is hurt. Love dogs, so wish there was an explanation why Zorro did it, that would make it better. Just read a Police Dog in Florida attacked another Policeman and a storekeeper who weren't doing anything. Just wonder why?
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    What is your weight right now?

    Well, I guess I have been indulging right along. I've gone from 205 this past October to 246.2 lbs as of today. It's all around my waistline too. I think I'm hooked on overeating. Is feeling stuffed addictive? I am eating more even after a big meal to feel like I'm over-full. Think about food...
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    Castle McCulloch Carnival Parties (NC)

    Hi, Can you tell me more about the event? Where, when, how much it costs, any past photos from event? Is there good food? Any possibility a DIM group could go or have a table or booth or whatever to rally around? Are BHM or if it's later in the year, SSBHM welcome? (I'm gaining, lol) Thank...
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    Forgive student loans?

    Did you know that the founding fathers of our nation believed that all laws should be written to be fully understood by a writing not longer than one page of paper? Were they simple minded? No, they believed that we would enslave the nation's people if we made the rules and regulations...
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    Forgive student loans?

    College costs need to be controlled. Options for students to work off loans after getting out of school must be created. What college really does provides has to be re-examined. The real full employment statistical measure of our nation also warrants attention. If we can spend...
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    Fat Dancer - Whitney Thore

    Is it enough to accept ourselves or others for who they are? Perhaps "embracing", "appreciating," or even "preferring," is the goal! Whitney Thore is simply gorgeous and her abilities have to appreciated and admired.