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  1. A

    Dani's 'diet'

    I hope that this is not the end of the story, because I enjoyed it too much for it to stop there. If so I would like to see a part 2 to this story, I would like to see how much bigger Dani get as I enjoy a story where the girl puts weight on her butt and breasts. I always love when a girl's...
  2. A

    Thickening Aire (BBW(mult) Stuffing, WG, Description)

    I will look forward to reading more. I love girls with fat butts and thunder thighs like Candy has, i also love how Aire's belly form three rolls of fat.
  3. A

    Legally Fat - by Matt L.- (~BBW, Eating, Romance. ~MWG )

    This was a very nice and sweet story. I enjoyed reading it very much. Good job.
  4. A

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    If you were trying to make Kirstin a bitch and an ass you did very well on it. I hate her so much that i was hoping that she is the one that gets a heart attack. I do hope Bianca does lose some weight, just enough for her to move around a bit more easer. I would like to see her sit on two...
  5. A

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    This is a very good story, am enjoying reading it very much. I love stories that have growing butts and breasts in them. I look forward to reading more of this story.
  6. A

    A Strange Turn of Events - by lordsofsevenhall (~BBW, ~~WG, Eating)

    I will be looking forward to reading more, i love how the story is going and how big she is getting, i love her big butt and wide hips.
  7. A

    What Are Friends For? - by Casso (~BBW (Multiple), Lesbian Foreplay, Feeding,~XWG)

    I hope that one day we will see more of this very fun story. I enjoy reading it very much.
  8. A

    Julie’s Inner Conflict - by elroycohen (~BBW, ~WG, Feeding)

    I look forward to reading more of this fun story.
  9. A

    How to Have a Fatter Belly - by Wetsobem (~BBW, Eating, ~SWG)

    I very much look forward to more. Good work.
  10. A

    Wynita - by BillieJoe (~BBW (Multiple), competitive eating, stuckage, ~MWF )

    Beautiful story, i love what i see so far in the story and hope to see her get bigger. Very good story.
  11. A

    My Roommate the Fatty - by Anonymous ( ~BBW, Romance, Eating, ~MWG)

    The main character is like a lot of people that are out there. There are people that just don't under stand to why some like being heavy. So in a way this story tells the truth. where that some may find fat beautiful, there are some that find fat gross and ugly. For me any way i love this...
  12. A

    Going Down in Size - Part 12 by Vader7476 (~BBW (Multiple), Drama, ~MWG)

    I hope to know what size Shannon's boobs are by the end of this story, and how big is Rebecca's butt is also. But any way i just love reading this story and i look forward to reading more soon.
  13. A

    Angie - by Blame Picasso (~BBW, Eating, Romance, Heavy Sex, ~MWG)

    Keep up the good work, this story is very fun to read am a big fan of very big boobs and very big wide butts.
  14. A

    Luna: Larger than Life - by Dr-Black-Jack (SSBBW, Fantasy, Liquid Inflation, XXWG)

    A very fun story to read. And i love this pic of her.
  15. A

    The Swimsuit Challenge - by Elroy Cohen (~BBW (Multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG)

    It was a very good story, and very fun to read also. I was happy to hear that Tammy lost a bit so she can move around a bit easer on her own. But i was hopping to hear how heavy Kim got and what she measure.
  16. A

    The Swimsuit Challenge - by Elroy Cohen (~BBW (Multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG)

    This story is so fun to read. Very good work on it.
  17. A

    The Swimsuit Challenge - by Elroy Cohen (~BBW (Multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG)

    I love this story so much. I hope to fine out to how big Kim has gotten soon. I bet she has bigger boobs then Bumblebee and a bigger ass then Willow.
  18. A

    The Swimsuit Challenge - by Elroy Cohen (~BBW (Multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG)

    I hope to see more of this fun story. Am likeing Kim i hope see gets much bigger. Very good story.