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  1. G

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    Lets not forget about this one ENTIRELY, now :)
  2. G

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    Bravo, sir. New King of the WG Library. May your reign be long and fruitful.
  3. G

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    Dude, don't worry about it at all. Take all the time you need. We are owed nothing and will all be stoked on receiving the next installment whenever it's ready. Have fun writing it! Great talent you've got there.
  4. G

    You Know You Love 'Em - Political Pics and Jokes Thread!

    HA! Nice. Seriously though, huge victory for the American people.
  5. G

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    First of all, I think we should all shut up and let the author finish the story as he sees fit. But since we're all going on record with our druthers: I'll counterpoint to say that my FAVORITE PART of the story is the abuse Bianca endures from various fit women throughout the story. The...
  6. G

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    Agreed. Not personally a fan of the "turning the tables" angle, nor the Amazon turnabout. Bianca's a butterball, and my money is on her gaining back the 90 pounds she's lost and then some (probably quite a lot.) I imagine her waddling days will be over by the time the story concludes. BUT: I...
  7. G

    Dear Conrad:

    Agreed on all counts.
  8. G

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    The good person in me is enjoying her path toward self-actualization, but if I'm being honest, I'd love for you to delve her into helpless hyperobesity in as objectifying and humiliating a way as possible. Just my two cents.
  9. G

    When is a Community not a community?

    I fear the train has gone off the rails. A gentle reminder: Nobody trusted anybody with money matters. A guy premeditated bank fraud and theft by memorizing her PIN code (and I don't think it's unreasonable to trust people to the extent that you DON'T ask them to go to the other side of the...
  10. G

    When is a Community not a community?

    Seriously, this is one of those moments when you have to choose between committing to an outraged screed or just shaking your head, ignoring the thing entirely, and stewing in reaffirmation of this board's considerable population of cruel, stubborn, myopic people. Yet I'll try to shoot the...
  11. G

    When is a Community not a community?

    You're not reading what she wrote. He watched her pay for things with her debit card multiple times throughout the night and memorized her PIN with the intention of robbing her later. She presumed she was with friends and perhaps did not hunch over each payment authorization and obscure it...
  12. G

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    And lo, it would come to pass that the Stories Forum would be granted unto them a savior, and his name would be zxc098.
  13. G

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    Holy crap. That's how it's done. We haven't had a good barnburner like that in a while here. Bravo.
  14. G

    Bellykissangel - by Marty FA (SSBBW, Stuffing, Humiliation, ~XWG)

    This is big news indeed! Write like the wind, my friend!
  15. G

    Famous FAs?

    Fed is (still) the man, and i'd love to endorse this theory. But Mirka's weight gain looks more like the standard got-married-had-kids addition.
  16. G

    The V Club - by Archangel (~BBW, Magic Potion, ~XWG)

    Been a while since we've had such a promising narrative pop up.... please keep it going!
  17. G

    Pajiba.com is fed up with the fatty-bashing

    Interesting trend on the super-snarky movie-review and cultural commentary site www.Pajiba.com: They (or one or two of the writers at any rate) seem to be calling society out for it's despicable and unabashed fat-bashing. It's nice to see a non-fat-related forum acknowledging that fat people...
  18. G

    Patronage and Pierogi - by Madeline Maple (SSBBW, Romance, Imagery, ~XWG )

    I'm actually into the plotline of this one. Sexier stories exist, but i'd really love to see where this goes. Pray, continue!
  19. G

    Famous FAs?

    Perhaps the most famous of them all.... William. Jefferson. Bad ************. Clinton. Formerly of the White House and Limousine "Fat Chick Parties" on Family Guy.