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    Car Seatbelts

    So far we've been lucky with cars. Me being 430 and my wife who is 335 we both fit my 1992 Isuzu Rodeo (bench seats) and her 2013 Fiat 500 Sport, with room to spare. I did have too get extenders for both our Mercedes (a 1979 300 TD Wagon and a 1985 300 TD Wagon) . I found them on eBay, didn't...
  2. F

    Best Movie Line Ever?

    "I kill people dear." Helen Mirren --- Red (2010 w/ Bruce Willis)
  3. F

    Updated Car Search

    Look at Fiat, my wife (who weighs 320 lbs) has a '13 500 Sport and loves it has all kinds of room. I myself (I weigh in at 425 right now) have a '15 500L Easy on order. Room for 4 my size.
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    BHM's Big Cars

    I know what you mean, between my wife (she's 300) and my self (I'm 435) we really had to look hard to find cars/trucks we both could drive/fit in and live with. She's got a '08 Honda Element and a '92 Dodge Colt Hatchback that she bought new (we fit in both but the Colt's a real pain in the ass...
  5. F

    Casual Male XL

    I wear 48"-50" and I've found jeans at of all places K-Mart.
  6. F

    Which automaker makes the most durable seats?

    I can say for myself that I've "killed" and replaced a number of car seats over the years (I'm around 330 right now, have been up to the 530's). I've been lucky with the following cars/trucks (never having to replace or recovered the seats); a '85 Dodge Aries SE wagon bought new but total due to...
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    Supersize characters in books and literature

    Here's 2 good ones I liked, "Fat White Vampire Blues" and "Bride of the Fat White Vampire" by Andrew Fox, published by Ballantine Books.
  8. F

    That vehicle you drive

    I drive a '92 Isuzu Rodeo and 1 of 3 '64 Rambler Classics (1 runs, the ofter 2 don't yet). Wish I keeped my '73 MGB roadster, sold it because I couldn't fit in to anymore.