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  1. J

    Kansas City Raise Your Hands!!

    I'm in that area. https://www.facebook.com/justin.stewart.9404
  2. J

    90's Music Anyone?

    Since Hanson was mentioned, The year that The Spice Girls came out and Hanson got played on MTV constantly was the beginning of the end of me watching that channel. Madonna was close to the only pop singer on MTV in the 90s until The Spice Girls came along. And she has basically stopped...
  3. J

    90's Music Anyone?

    90's Music. Okay, the usual suspects, Nirvana, Pearl Jam have been talked about. Sonic Youth was mentioned, but they put two or three times as many great albums as Nirvana did. So did REM. My cat is named after Kim Deal of The Pixies & The Breeders. I put on Last Splash by The...