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    Your favorite fat girl features...

    Thighs. :)
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    Calling all Youngsters!

    I'm 18 (been told I look 16 numerous times) from Australia, still in high school. Most of the 'fat chicks' around my age where I live all wear, let's say jumpers, or far too large clothing, and around 80% would have black hair and a few piercings on their face. Personally I don't like...
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    When you were younger, did it hit you "I like Big Girls"(/Boys)

    I've always been a FA. Even when I was 7 or so, it's not like I understood it but I seemed to always be interested in... fat in general. I guess it 'hit me' that I actually like the bigger girls at the start of high school, Grade 8. Around 15 I found this site and... yep.
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    What Are You Most Attracted To?

    Size and Shape. Om nom nom :) :eat2:
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    For want of a better term - Coming out of the Closet!

    Wow! Thanks for even more responses all! This has actually really helped me out here. And no I would not be ashamed of it, nor would I try to hide any person I dated from anymore. I'm just not sure if I can take the crap I will get... but from all the responses I'm sure I can work it out :)...
  6. S

    For want of a better term - Coming out of the Closet!

    Thanks for the responses. And, well, it seems everyone thinks fairly differently about the whole 'closet' thing. Again thanks for replying, but still I'm really not sure what I should do, because I don't even have any big friends for starters, and maybe if I came out about it now and didn't...
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    For want of a better term - Coming out of the Closet!

    Hey dims. I'm an 18 y/o FA still at high school in Australia. Now I don't mind having a 'slim' partner, but I would much rather have a bigger one (personality going, of course). I have had a few GFs before, but none really of the body type I would want - however that is mainly due to...
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    Haha you're in Oz as well? That's awesome :) I live at the Gold Coast. I must say it is pretty amazing with the beaches, theme parks and all :P
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    Calling all Youngsters!

    18 and Australian. FA. Yup.
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    FA/FFA Roll Call - de-lurk and/or introduce yourself here!

    I think I already posted in the main dims board but oh well... :) Name: Weston Age: 18 Location: Australia Profession: High School? Music: Anything, but I guess I enjoy metal. Likes: Too many to write... big women are nice though :wubu: Dislikes: eh. About me: Feelin' like a bit of a...
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    Name: Weston Age: 18 Location: Australia Profession: High School...er Music: Metal. The ear bashing kind, not the iron/steel kind. But I like mostly any other music too. Likes: Beach, friends, cycling, running, rugby league, occasional video games, nice people, good senses of humour, BBWs...