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  1. S

    What did you say to me?!

    such a good idea! love to hear different accents and voices. btw, liked your intro :)
  2. S

    Geeks and Nerds

    ups forgot the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmuiwOGi5gA
  3. S

    Geeks and Nerds

    true song. and another one: central question: "Now you're a hero you managed to beat the whole damn game we're happy you made it but how are you gonna spend the rest of this day.."
  4. S

    The Music Thread

    hi, maybe you like Matt Uelmen too, this one is my favourite, its one of his newer master pieces. Torchlight - Cavern Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a6jJdTesLM (the track varies many times, so give it a chance, if you dont like the intro skip to 00:35 and 3:00) i guess, i...
  5. S

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    last ladder i played, my main char was a trap assa too. all the years i refused to play her, cause of her awful voice (dare to say lol - the german voice i mean). yes i know stupid. the other years i mostly played javas or bowzones. yes and ofc like always had an ench, bobarb and a sorc for...
  6. S

    Sexy Songs

    Tosca "Honey" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpwhy0NJKDE
  7. S

    belly rubs?

    never saw such a sweet belly rub. this little birdie shows so much emotions and enjoys it. did you see how he close his eyes and relaxe his muscles, because it feels so good. i love animals, they dont fake. so sweet. thought i have to share it with you :)...
  8. S

    What are you unhappy about today?

    i am really sorry for your loss. i live with a black canine lady, on 15th july she will be 12 years old. i appreciate every day she is around me and hopefully i do enough for her. dogs are the best friends, partners, caring, genuine, would do everything for you, truly love you, protecting, ...
  9. S

    What online games are you playing right now?

    true, you still cant create a female char?
  10. S

    What online games are you playing right now?

    did you check the paradoy on angrybirds? i love it. and i think you may like the singer :happy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dErAZL1Hr8 funny, true lyrics too: .... need to get up I need a shower I can't right now cuz I'm Playing Angry Bi-ee- rds Can't even stop to pee-ee-ee I have...
  11. S

    Dims Crushes

    i could sing a song about distances.
  12. S

    Anyone here have COPD, or know anything about it?

    Hi, i dont know your sypmtoms, but copd is a collective term. best thing to do is a lung function test. the basic one would be the spirometry. its simple just inhale-outhale and the machine will collect infos about your lung capacities. with those numbers you can see, if you have a copd and in...
  13. S

    What online games are you playing right now?

    are you still playing DII? and if hows the ladder, are you a hc player too? i love hc thats why i love arpgs. also played Sacred II after Mythos u Hellgate shut down. and just for info: Hellgate OBT starts on 30.06.2011 :bounce:, i think i will join them.
  14. S

    What online games are you playing right now?

    never played a mmo-rts. looks difficult but interesting. i only can add: blizz knows how to make games <3 - nice shot
  15. S

    What are you happy about today?

    hi, thx for the explanation. i didnt expect before i clicked your link to hear that sad, old song. i hope its ok to quote you: indeed the song is so deep and sad (remember me on old times). thanks for shareing this vid. not only because of the song, mostly because of .. because i like to...
  16. S

    What are you happy about today?

    wasnt lazy tried to google it, but still no clue, what can you do with it? seems you can plug headphones. if you really build that box on your own then. gz and wow :)
  17. S

    OK Cupid

    i guess, he got rejected and is hurt now. sry for you. time will heal. good luck!
  18. S

    What online games are you playing right now?

    Hi all, since there is a fellow video gamer thread, i tought i will start an online pc games thread. last time i played on a console i was a child, since that time i am totally into pc games, even if they graphics wasnt and arent compareable. this shouldnt be a box vs pc thread, but since i...
  19. S

    Handling jerks who make fat jokes

    it depends on the day sometimes i ingnore it .. but it keeps nagging me usually giving someone a dirty look back, let me feel a bit better and if i have time and anyways need someone to battle, i verbally harass back, its easy to catch other peoples weak points, love to see at first their...
  20. S

    If you are a World of Warcraft Player....

    i am unfortunately neither a wow player nor a member of gltq, but i am a fellow gamer and its sounds like a lot of fun, i love the pics. great idea to celebrate that RL event ingame. i am happy for you!