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  1. Myn

    Getting Too Fat For Your Car

    I'm in the market for a car in the very near future, and dreading the thought of having to shlep around to dealerships and start out with "will I fit?" This thread is a godsend in terms of what to look for. Any other suggestions for a very very pear shape?
  2. Myn

    Not that big...

    I'm big - 5'8" and somewhere between 450 and 500 - so it blows my mind just how small "plus sizes" are. Like, I'll see some of the contestants on Biggest Loser and be all, "But they're not even fat!" And then they talk about how they can't go out into the world, can't find a date, can't...
  3. Myn

    Dude, I am not into jhads!

    Conversion by the sword isn't my cup of tea, and I don't know any other religion that currently and in the mainstream dogma of the religion advocates the eradication of members of another religion, but hey. If you want some historical background for where things started to branch off, you...
  4. Myn

    Bullied Bus Monitor - Big Fat Hypocrisy?

    One thing I've found effective - and I taught kids that had been kicked out of their regular schools - is to have my phone handy, along with the numbers of the kids' parents. "You have one more chance to sit down and be quiet before I call your mama (grandma, dad, probation officer) and ask...
  5. Myn

    Bbw, What do you wish you had the Courage to do?

    Date. Although, it's not just the weight stopping me. I'm shy apart from that, and I pretty much went straight into marrying my very first boyfriend that I met on the internet, so I have no conception of how dating actually works. Plus I'm a single parent. And I have the sneaking suspicion...
  6. Myn

    Have you ever had someone leave you for losing/gaining weight?

    That doesn't sound like it's so much about your weight as about his insecurity/need to control. Like, if you had a choice you would leave - and being fat meant you had no choice. Seems like you're well out of that particular boondoggle.
  7. Myn

    Bathing Suit Season

    I know that feel. Like whoa. I can buy tops at The Avenue and LB, but for bottoms I've got to roll the dice with online buying. I've got a dress to send back to and then some to return to womanwithin, since I ended up just making a dress once it became clear that buying one...
  8. Myn

    Bathing Suit Season

    I'm too late for this time (really cute suit!), but fyi, has always been my go-to place for swimsuits. They've been expanding into smaller sizes and I've got to write to them asking where the 6x aquatard went, but it's another option for anyone looking around.
  9. Myn

    Sensitive terminology

    I use the word fat about myself, but since I don't know how other people feel about it, I tend to rely on softer descriptions if the need comes up, like "plump." Since where I work is predominantly African-Americans and no Brits, I can also use the word "thick" and not have anyone think I'm...
  10. Myn

    obese expecting

    I was over 350 when I had my son. They were careful to keep checking for gestational diabetes, but other than that, I had no problems with being pregnant. He was born early, but a lot of kids are, to women of all sizes. Unless you've got other/preexisting health issues, fatness isn't a...
  11. Myn

    Jeans for SSBBW?

    Does there exist such a thing as a pair of jeans that can accommodate an ~80" circumference? I feel conspicuous wearing knit pants on dress down days when literally every one of my coworkers wears jeans.
  12. Myn

    restaurants for big people

    I second the comment about just asking the host/ess on the way in. It's not like I'm keeping it a secret at 450 pounds that I'm pretty big around, and if they're going to be snooty or if they're not going to be able to seat me, I need to know early enough to turn around and leave without having...
  13. Myn

    Bbws that dont know what bbw is

    I've always liked the term "well upholstered."
  14. Myn

    What's More Comfortable?

    Not a single one of my students is making it through the door if I stand in the way. ;) They were talking for about ten minutes about the fact that my hips covered the whole doorway, and trying to shove through just meant they got bounced back. I just said they should know better next time...
  15. Myn

    the human tendency toward body distortion

    I think, with regards to finding fat attractive, there might be an element of the lure of the forbidden. Given the overwhelming cultural reviling of fat as evil - you know the drill, so I won't belabor the point - I think that it ends up having some "bad girl" allure. Being fat in this culture...
  16. Myn

    Can Someone Help Me?

    Yes. This. A thousand times this.
  17. Myn

    Self Confidence Playlist - add your jams!

    Stay Awake, by Aerials Up always makes me smile and get a second wind when I'm on the treadmill. And, cheesy as it is, moments where I need confidence and/or am celebrating are frequently met with the Queen double whammy of We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions. Sometimes, you just...
  18. Myn

    How to impress a BBW - BBW only Please

    Another thing that impresses me is when a guy is willing/able to look at and accept different viewpoints. No characterizing people who disagree with you as deranged lunatics. If we're talking about current events and he has an opinion that is neither Bill O'Reilly's nor Keith Olbermann's but...
  19. Myn

    Celebs Morphed

    Yeah, Posh and Sarah Jessica Parker just looked a little like their younger selves.
  20. Myn

    Celebs Morphed

    Interesting how so many of them were just a matter of adding a giant roll under the chin. I only get that effect if my chin is actively tilted down.
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