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  1. otherland78

    BHM Always in Your Shadow (BHM/FFA, Weight Gain, Romance, Urban Fantasy)

    hehe a really cute nice story somehow the second time I like a demon story
  2. otherland78

    Belly library (men/women)

    Hehe looks cute i hope you enjoy the new feeling ;-)
  3. otherland78

    BHM The check up. ~BHM, ~~WG, teasing

    “Haha” I laugh, slapping your gut. “You gained 40 lbs in 2 years, 10 of which in 2 weeks! I think it’s fair to say we both know you’re not going to lose any weight. Not that I want to either” I added reflectively, patting my own gut. “No, what you need is someone to make sure you eat so much...
  4. otherland78

    BHM Skeptical [BHM]

    hmm intetesting story so far.. .. like a real sitcom... ypu should make that into a first netflix series with weight gain :)
  5. otherland78

    The Gym - By Molly (~BHM, ~FFA, Romance)

    oh well i wouldlet you do all this a my personal trainer if you like :)
  6. otherland78

    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    Hi there Canada ....well if you just would ahve said you are 30 and are beautiful i might just have come ....:-)
  7. otherland78

    If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be?

    oh haha ...well ....something with vanilla pecan walnut honey cookies pistaccio strawberry cheesecake and hazelnut ....
  8. otherland78

    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    Oh key where does this LizzyJones live ;-) yeah but to be honest who wouldn´t travel half the world to meet a girl forever ?
  9. otherland78

    The bar is open

    I take a Spezi (half coke half fanta ) and maybe some glasses of red wine with cashews ... have a great evening all ^^
  10. otherland78

    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    Oh that´s sounds hot :_) well you could exercise on me then ^^
  11. otherland78

    BHM North Enders by Starling (BHM, WG)

    Oh such a nice long deep story :) and it s a really lovely setup with the yoga class thehe i wonder if our sexy cute lady will describe all her sightings and changes in his yoga movements when he becomes softer going to so many dinner dates with her ^^ I amvery curious for more ...great story ^^
  12. otherland78

    You Are My Sunshine

    oh lovely setup and very well written i always love a little teasing ^^
  13. otherland78

    BOTH Dream Vacation - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW/~BHM. Dining, ~SWG:)

    oh what a lovely story and a really nice fantasy for a real life encounter ,-)
  14. otherland78

    BHM The New Assistant (BHM, FFA, XWG)

    Such a genius story thehe oh i am really curious how the two mean girls will change and what happens next to all of them Great story :) have a nice weekend ^^
  15. otherland78

    BHM And Then It Hit Him - by Chubsixtysix(~BHM, Eating, ~~WG)

    And its even my name :) so where is this cute girl jordan hiding ???:)))
  16. otherland78

    You look hungry.

    I just wanted to mention it in case someone just copied it from you and good to know that its you ;-) i find this story very interesting ;-) i like this hypnotization aspect very much
  17. otherland78

    BHM The check up. ~BHM, ~~WG, teasing

    mhmmm.. what ahot teasy little doctor ;-) story where can i go for a checkup ? ;-)
  18. otherland78

    You look hungry.

    I really love the hypnotization aspect ;-) of this sexy story but i remember it beeing a bit longer ?:eat1:
  19. otherland78

    BHM On Thin Ice - by Ashblonde (~BHM, ~FFA, Romance)

    very interesting and complex story :-) lovely to read her ambigious thining towards his training ;-) i wonder what happens when she let loose ^^ thanks for shring this great piece of work :eat2: