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  1. BTB

    BHM Fattened by Farm Girls (BHM to State Fair Fat Man)

    Quite a food story which should never end
  2. BTB

    The Doctor

    i am hooked as well
  3. BTB


    although i know and love all those ones mentioned here. This list would never be complete without the works of Melanie Bell. http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/dimtext/stories/melanie/
  4. BTB

    I am a Jerk and lost my love.

    Hi, you are invited to bash me. I am longtime fan of the WG Community. I did some stories, hosted a rather succesful Website on Angelfire and hosted the likes of Willix, Satsuro and J.P. I am an Idiot, a manic Collector and disappointed my beloved other half when she found my stash. I swear...
  5. BTB

    Too Much Relaxation???

    beautiful beginning
  6. BTB

    Warren Davis stories

    use the internet archive for gainrweb or ballbellybear
  7. BTB


    the wonderful Ned Fox has written some with this topic http://fanedfox.deviantart.com/
  8. BTB

    how come there aren't alot of force feeding stories???

    sorry but i do think with the concurrence of pages like Deviantart and fantasyfeeder, those stories migrated in those corners.
  9. BTB

    New comic based on the Munchies... Michelle Meets the Munchies!

    Thanks it was quite the frun read
  10. BTB

    Fat Comix

    thanks i really like your Comix.
  11. BTB

    BHM Unlocking a Better You - by Uno (~BHM, ~XWG, Eating))

    thanks for the continuation, hopefully the better you will be unlocked.
  12. BTB

    BHM Unlocking a Better You - by Uno (~BHM, ~XWG, Eating))

    Hopefully you continue this. I like how you worked it out that the denial of the changes resulted from being under stress.
  13. BTB

    Favorite weightgain stories

    OK Red Ravens Request is Mama Latte and for asdf1986 http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47936&highlight=gordo For me there are lots of great stories but i want to advertise for the Freshman Feeder http://feederfrenzy.atspace.com/story_moonchild_freshman.html and...
  14. BTB

    comic book nerds UNITE!

    And now for something completely different: I bought my Copy of the recently appeared "The Someday Funnies". This is an anthology which was conceived in the seventies and Contributions were collected but it took about a third of a century to be printed. It is great. Pieces by the Masters Jack...
  15. BTB

    Also Looking for a story

    The file name is probably "yes my queen" and its on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wgbtb/ with lots of other great stories. Well I can't quit cominc back to this place.
  16. BTB

    For the sake of Obscurity: A too Heavy BHM Twilight story by Frank Miller

    I stumbled over this while reading on the great Comic Books secrets revealed Blog and some may like it It's the second story on this page http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2011/03/05/frank-millers-back-pages/
  17. BTB

    can anyone tell me the name/ link me to this one

    perhaps this one http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1290&highlight=Bloomington+Transit
  18. BTB

    For the sake of Obscurity: Phable of a fat woman ( Animated Movie 1916)

    I stumbled over this relict from the Beginnings of American Animations and thought of sharing this here. As I know here are some people interested in vintage depictions of BBWs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjLRBpwOi_Q
  19. BTB

    Need help finding this story

    This could be a story by Ned Fox who specializes in family situations http://fanedfox.deviantart.com/gallery/