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  1. blue_eyes

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Went to see Vandy play Mizzou. It was a great game just not my Tenn Vols lol. Still trying to talk my husband into getting tickets to see the Titans.
  2. blue_eyes

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    Actually forgot about this site. Only popped in my mind because I was checking an old email account. Probably just mom brain. Both my daughters are in school now so it’s a whole new dynamic for us. My oldest is 8 and 3rd grade. Youngest is 4 and in preschool. At 44 trying to teach my oldest math...
  3. blue_eyes

    RIP Godess Patty

    Just saw this on Daily Mail. Jackass star Patty Perez dead at 57: The actress had kidney failure Jackass star Patty Perez dead at 57: The actress had kidney failure
  4. blue_eyes

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    I never could get into Diablo (2 or 3). I played Hereos when they gave us a free mount in WoW. Pretty much I’ve only been playing WoW doing sooooo many dailies. Trying to get my last 9 rep to get the achievement and unicorn mount.
  5. blue_eyes

    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    When my husband and I met I drove a G6 and he had a Beetle. A few months later I bought a small SUV. He has had 2 Dodge Rams and now a Traverse. With 2 kids (4 and 1) I’m sadly looking at minivans lol. Never realized how much a built in vacuum would appeal to me.
  6. blue_eyes

    Name a Song From the Last Letter - Part 5!

    A Sunday Kind of Love - Etta James E
  7. blue_eyes

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Hanging with my munchkin
  8. blue_eyes

    Being big and joining a gym?

    Not sure if this is allowed or not. I've been thinking of joining a gym lately. For me personally it's to lose 30-50 lbs to help my back. I found out a couple years ago I was born with an extra vertebrae that has fused my spine to my pelvis and with steroid injections and getting pregnant the...
  9. blue_eyes

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Hot day in Tennessee so no makeup and freckles My reason for living
  10. blue_eyes

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Been a while since I posted. Might not necessarily a pic of me living but is definitely a pic of my reason to live. My little (not so little 8 lbs even 23 inches long lol) miracle I had on June 21st. Best father's day gift ever for my bf.
  11. blue_eyes

    Unattractive Photos...

    This is me last December at Starry Nights in Memphis. My bf and I stopped at Santa's Village for s'mores.
  12. blue_eyes

    Labor Day Pool Party in Nashville

    Box you should come. It's not the same as a big bash but who can say no to a pool lol. Delight sorry you are busy that weekend but hope you have fun as well.
  13. blue_eyes

    Labor Day Pool Party in Nashville

    I am a member of a FB group for TN and they have planned a little pool party for Labor Day. If anyone is interested the information is www.bbwbelles.com https://www.facebook.com/events/365939180144145/ Labor Day Belles Pool Party Event for BBW Southern Belles Friday, August 31...
  14. blue_eyes

    Anybody in or near Nashville, TN?

    I miss Sushi, can't wait for the day I can eat it again
  15. blue_eyes

    Anybody in or near Nashville, TN?

    I totally agree. I can't get over this sinus crap. It's so annoying.
  16. blue_eyes

    Anybody in or near Nashville, TN?

    Uh no lol. I don't like snow or as we get it in West TN - ice lol.
  17. blue_eyes

    2011 Dims Bash Request

    You're forgetting one thing. The south never has anything. There are bashes 1-2 times a month in Chicago or Boston. For me it would have to be driving distance because even though it might be cheap for you to fly it's still expensive for me when I'd have to buy 2 tickets.
  18. blue_eyes

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Ok here goes Name: Angie Age: 32 Location: Jackson, TN (north of Memphis, TN) Profession: Student Music: just about everything Likes: Anything British, World of Warcraft, Cooking, etc Dislikes: Closeted FAs About me: I'm 32, never married, no kids (unless you count my cats). Going back to...
  19. blue_eyes

    2011 Dims Bash Request

    What about Atlanta possibly? It is a great city and the Marietta diner is awesome.
  20. blue_eyes

    School Issue

    Well now they have put a table and chair in the class (its now 9 weeks later) and after talking to the woman she was like yeah theres no way you will be able to pass the class. So now its like whats the point. They waited so long that I have no choice but to fail the class. As for carrying a...