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    Things we break - New Stories 03.01.2018

    Awesome. Like to see this happen in person & also experience this too. Want to be a human chair & bench for women (4 or more) at 600 lbs. & heavier. Want them to drop down hard with their butt & body on my 145 lb. frame. There is no women in my area that wants to do this. This story turned me on.
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    What is your weight right now?

    I'm at 148 lbs. Normally I'm between 135 & 142 lbs. Since I moved my elderly parents back to Ohio in October 2022, I have been holding around 145 to 152 lbs. I like women 350 lbs. or heavier.
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    Wonder how long he held her in this position?
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    What is your weight right now?

    Down to 142 lbs. today.
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    What is your weight right now?

    This morning weight is 145.8
  6. B

    Anybody up for a SSBBW/USSBBW Cruise?

    One of these years I would love to go.
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    My 2 neighbors & a daughter. One was short & approximately 250 lbs. Other one was 6'2 approximately 300 lbs. & her daughter 5'6" 240 lbs. My current crush is any woman over 400 lbs.
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    What is your weight right now?

    Like Tracii 4591 photo & awesome smile.
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    What is your weight right now?

    Currently 143 lbs. I enjoy women over 400 lbs.
  10. B

    share ur fantasies

    Want to be strapped down on a bench & have multiple of women over 500 lbs. sit, stand on my chest & face for a long time.
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    My first crush was my 2 BBW neighbors. Then was SSBBW Teighlor.
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    sooo any bhm into squashing skinny girls?

    I'm always in search of a person who is over 550 lbs. to fall onto my 140 lb. frame preferably on a floor or bench full weight. The highest weight to date has been a 535 lb. woman butt dropping while I lay on hard wood floor. We also did the bench too. This woman also knee dropped onto my...
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    When did you realize what you liked, and what triggered it?

    I was approximately 14 yrs. old when I had a girl fall onto my face full weight & enjoyed it. She was 70 lbs. heavier than me. I told her to sit back down as I liked this. I asked if her mom & her friends be interested in sitting on my face. She said probably, I'll ask. I was invited to her...