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  1. LeoGibson

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    From a few weeks ago. Enjoying a little cooler weather here and putting on more than shorts and a T-shirt.
  2. LeoGibson

    Favorite Scents?

    This is the bulk of my collection/obsession. As for favorites go, it depends on mood, setting, day/night, or time of year. But if I was to pick one that I just can’t get enough of it would be Journey Man by Amouage. It’s such a nice and rich tobacco and spice scent!
  3. LeoGibson

    The Divorce/LTR Breakup Thread

    I’m sorry to hear that. Last year was really tough on long distance relationships. My girlfriend lives in Ohio and I’m in Texas but we were able to see each other twice last year and this year things are pretty wide open here where I am. I can only imagine how hard it was for cross border...
  4. LeoGibson

    The Divorce/LTR Breakup Thread

    Thank you!!! I don’t think it’s cynical at all. I understand and embrace that sentiment fully. At the end of the day it’s what was necessary and I look forward to what’s ahead and I want the same for her. I wish her a good life and hope she finds exactly what she wants and needs just as I hope...
  5. LeoGibson

    The Divorce/LTR Breakup Thread

    Well, with the caveat that all cases can be different, I think my biggest takeaway is to keep things in perspective. If your former significant other is being difficult and are lashing out, take a breath and understand that it’s just their way of dealing with the hurt of the situation. It...
  6. LeoGibson

    The Divorce/LTR Breakup Thread

    Well, here I am almost 3 years later and I can finally say, IT IS DONE!!! I got my final decree last week. It took way longer than I figured it would and cost way more than I thought considering we had no kids and zero assets to split. It was, to quote Jerry Garcia, "a long strange trip." I did...
  7. LeoGibson

    The thread for random single confessions!

    Right there with you.
  8. LeoGibson

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 3

    That’s adorable!! Around here, mid 80’s is what we would consider cooling down. I get so jealous of northern summers but the trade off is awesome winters so I guess it balances out.
  9. LeoGibson

    What are you unhappy about today?

    Though it's hard to hear sometimes, maybe you dodged one hell of a bullet. For whatever reason people change rapidly and catch us off guard and that's really painful, but in the end you just have to ask yourself some questions. Is someone who could treat me in such a manner that brings me this...
  10. LeoGibson

    What's pissing you off today?

    5 years! Ouch. I feel for him. He will deserve a party of epic proportions!! I sure hope mine gets resolved this year. Between my ex and Covid this has already dragged on much longer than I ever envisioned!
  11. LeoGibson

    What's pissing you off today?

    The fact that I'm closing in on 3 years and my divorce is still ongoing!
  12. LeoGibson

    The thread for random single confessions!

    IC that I keep buying Costco pastries or chocolate chunk cookies and say that I'll have a few and then take the rest over to my sisters to disseminate between her kids and grandkids and yet I NEVER do. Damn you Costco bakery for making such tasty cookies!! :)
  13. LeoGibson

    BHMs who still work out?

    From a few months ago when I was gearing up for my last powerlifting meet
  14. LeoGibson

    BHMs who still work out?

    That's a really nice set up you have there! I'm more partial to a home gym myself. I intend to put one together at some point where I can keep all the strongman implements I like to use and have the traditional powerlifting equipment as well. To answer op's question, I'm a BHM that regularly...
  15. LeoGibson

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Agreed! I can’t wait to get back on the mat!!
  16. LeoGibson

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    I love it. I was instantly hooked. It’s very humbling too. It’s a discipline where my size and strength aren’t necessarily going to carry me through. I have been leveraged and tossed by even a young (20 yr old) girl. She had my joint in such a manner that I had no choice but to go where she...
  17. LeoGibson

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Haven’t posted in a while so I figured I’d pop something up here. I recently decided to take on a new challenge after my birthday at the first of the month and started learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. (well until this virus shut things down) Definitely looking forward to the new skills I can learn!
  18. LeoGibson

    What do you like about the previous poster? Part Trois!

    His posts are honest and helpful. He appears to be a kind gentleman.
  19. LeoGibson

    What are you happy about today?

    So happy for you two! Congratulations. Beautiful ring for a beautiful woman!!
  20. LeoGibson


    I was fortunate to get to spend some time with this gorgeous lady from Dims last week. The lovely and sweet Sugar Magnolia! Best. Time. Ever!