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  1. bigpulve

    What pains you?

    Lift weights.
  2. bigpulve

    The thread for random single confessions!

    IC Im sad. Breaking up with the girl I love to death sucks. Fuck you distance. Fuck you with a pineapple.
  3. bigpulve

    Do you think everyone has a shot or finds love?

    Love isnt getting exactly what you "want", Its that someone who comes along that redefines what you "want"
  4. bigpulve

    moving across the country

    Nebraskas not so bad. wait yes it is. I wan to move to Pennsylvania for a girl.
  5. bigpulve

    Social issues

    It seems to be a relatively common happening. Im just concerned that it is still in ruins. :-/
  6. bigpulve

    Social issues

    I do try to live my life. I have some things I like doing like going to the gym and such. I do know I have a major lack of hobbies issue. Idk why that is, but I should work on that too. lol Meetup is, and I tried it for a number of months. Had bad experiences with it in both major groups I was...
  7. bigpulve

    Social issues

    So I had a bit of a break down last night. I couldnt sleep, shot off an email I kind of regret sending now at 3 am. Anyway what I want is to vent/get advice/vent/rant/figure this shit out. Ive always been the big guy in school. second grade all the way to high school. Hell even college. Ive...
  8. bigpulve

    Don't look at me you might get fat

    nope, but my oncologist with 12 years of medical school, and 20 years of practice says otherwise. You dont have to be a scientist to learn all about the disease you get. You are mad just because I said it can contribute to some cancer types, including the one I had. Thats a very trivial...
  9. bigpulve

    Don't look at me you might get fat

    Just saying it can contribute. Have you had cancer?
  10. bigpulve

    Don't look at me you might get fat

    excess fat can actually be a contributor to some cancer types. The extra estrogen released by fat is one of the ways.
  11. bigpulve

    Unemployment rises to 9%

    Unemployment is a 6 month trailing indicator of the economy. It rose, because not enough jobs were created last november. Good try though.
  12. bigpulve

    How much is gas where you are?

    Blaming the President for gas prices, is like blaming the principal for the state cutting the education budget.
  13. bigpulve

    Expert: Security Checkpoints Near Soft Targets May Soon Become The Norm

    You cant fight an ideology. So we shouldnt be defending ourselves at home at all? We should just try and find the 5000 (if that) members of 1 terrorist group in a world of 6.5 billion people?
  14. bigpulve

    47% of Detroiters can't read

    What did they have them do to find out? Fill out a survey?
  15. bigpulve

    How soon before they say binLaden is not dead?

    They buried him at sea because no country was willing to take the body, and also with no burial site, there can not be a shrine/pilgrimage set up at his burial site.
  16. bigpulve

    Osama Bin Laden is Confirmed Dead!!!!

    reelection is in the bag. Republicans: Health care, debt yada yada. Obama:Killed Bin Laden. debate over.
  17. bigpulve

    What food makes you sick to your stomach?

    Culvers food
  18. bigpulve

    Health myths

    Its not always the body telling your brain what it wants to eat. Many organisms in the body can affect what the brain craves. Candida, a type of yeast, will tell the brain to eat lots of sugary/starchy food because that is what it eats. Cancer can tell the body to eat more sugar as well because...
  19. bigpulve

    First Amendment under attack

    Its in response to the Supreme Court giving corporations personhood. The Supreme Court doesnt do something stupid like that, and this doesnt exist.
  20. bigpulve

    Health myths

    Proteins are not mainly for tissue repair. Proteins do just about everything in the body. Enzymes, lipid carriers, messengers, etc. Every cell in the body has a plethora of ribosomes that create all of the proteins in the body. The body needs two main things to function. Amino acids which make...