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  1. Zowie

    A Thought Experiment: You Wake Up Tomorrow Morning as the Opposite Gender.

    Not gonna lie, I'd be one of those guys who'd be putting his dick in, on, and around everything just to see how it feels. Also probably buy some fancy-man-clothes. I'm going to rock a suit. And a bowtie.
  2. Zowie

    Any way you want it

    Even if the message is unintentionally creepy/awkward, if you have a decent profile that can be summed up into more than "I want to whet my dick", chances are most women will reply to someone who comes off as a well rounded individual. My favourite message of all time was "I really like that...
  3. Zowie

    Explaining Paquito for Newbies.

    456. Paquito came to Canada once. Six months later we're still trying to catch our breath.
  4. Zowie

    Height requirements

    I always thought I'd feel awkward about having a man be shorter than me at 5'7'' but it's honestly never been a problem between the boyfriend and I. Hell, I'll even wear heels. death by snoo snoo
  5. Zowie

    The thread for random single confessions!

    I'm not really one for porn, but last night I decided that the internet could give me a boost, so I got all ready and checked out the BHM tag on tumblr. I spent an hour, pants on the ground, vibrator in hand, looking at black history month posts. aww yeah civil rights me some more baby
  6. Zowie

    LADIES post an awesome photo of yourselves!

    I had a drunken evening and made a friend. We had a lot in common.
  7. Zowie

    What are you happy about today?

    Get the car lady, we're going to safeway!
  8. Zowie

    500+ lbs guys roll call! ;)

    YEAH! CANADA! I know a few american students at my uni in Van. They pay about double the tuition as I do, but it still works out to be cheaper than an american university.
  9. Zowie

    Any Single FFA?

    Dear Chaz's Gut, You look stunning today. Round, pale, and resplendent, like the moon. Shame you're attached to that mouthy guy. Lovesies, Zowie
  10. Zowie

    HOZAY!!! (picture thread)

    Hahaha, that picture made me think of this one. Gets me every time.
  11. Zowie

    I can only tolerate but so much.

    My whole issue is with your 'feeling safe' because you own a gun and can pull it out anytime. I'm from Canada, with have stricter gun laws, and things seem to work quite fantastically here. As for feeling unsafe, exactly how paranoid do you have to be? I'm a woman, I live in a big city, I...
  12. Zowie

    Weekend Plans. Whatcha up to?

    A friend invited me to a metal/industrial dance night on Sunday, which I'll probably go to. Otherwise, homework and work. It's crunch time, 2 weeks of classes left!
  13. Zowie

    Cute SSBHM on 'Britain's got Talent'

    Give that man a haircut and a tux! But that was seriously good, he's got an awesome voice.
  14. Zowie

    Ladies Post Cute Pics of Yourself (Round 2)

    You look like a badass. Now I want to dye my hair!
  15. Zowie

    Weekend Plans. Whatcha up to?

    I finally went out! Friday to a friend's birthday party, and then to a club where I can wear jeans and everyone dances to 50s/60s music, that was a ton of fun. Yesterday for drinks with my coworkers in honour of St Patty's, I guess. We had a "Best Irish Accent" contest, and I actually got...
  16. Zowie

    Something making me go WTF

    Duuude, her titties are magical. But it's also an awesome show, I'm in the middle of writing an essay about it, actually. As for derailing... I've said it before, and I'll say it again - there's only so much serious conversation we can have about moobs or whatnot. I vote LeoGibson into the...
  17. Zowie

    What are you happy about today?

    Duuude. First off, congratulations, you're so close to the end! Second off, PIC OR GTFO.
  18. Zowie

    The thread for random single confessions!

    I hope to have a night as crazy as this. In the meantime, in a serious funk tonight. Wine will solve my problems!
  19. Zowie

    Dat .gif!

    It was floating around on Imgur a few weeks back! Tell your coworker that I'm a fan of his cat-flinging abilities!
  20. Zowie

    What are you unhappy about today?

    DUDE, me too, I haven't gotten shit-all yet. But I love timmies, I'll keep going even if they won't give me free stuff.