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  1. Amaranthine

    Fatphobic abuse because I had the audacity to make a science-based comment.

    Forgive me for ignoring the main topic--for the most part, people online are eager to make ad hominem attacks when you rile their emotions. Especially if you're dealing with certain types of animal rights activists/vegetarians/vegans (not most, of course...but every group has militants.)...
  2. Amaranthine

    Revisiting ... the FFA guilt issue

    No, of course not. I was referring to the most problematic possible cases, in terms of guilt. I think cases where the person's relationship with food isn't that way are more clear cut, as one can defer to personal autonomy more readily.
  3. Amaranthine

    What made you LOL today?

    Try it with Marmite next time.
  4. Amaranthine

    Revisiting ... the FFA guilt issue

    Depends on the context of the attraction, I think. I've seen some shady cases where someone who is obviously lonely and miserable gets the attraction of a bunch of FAs online, gets money, feels validated, and gains when they otherwise would never have done so to continue getting that...
  5. Amaranthine

    What made you LOL today?

    I really quite like durian--and may have, in a few cases, suggested that other people try it. I gave it to two friends of mine in person and they hacked it out in the sink. One other person seemed permanently haunted by it. I only know of one other person who enjoys it and they're also quite...
  6. Amaranthine

    Revisiting ... the FFA guilt issue

    I think there are a few perspectives to sort out here. 1. When it comes to pursuing happiness vs. planning for future problems, there's the selfless aspect and the selfish aspect. Selfless = "I want this person to live a long life and I don't want to see them deal with unpleasant and/or...
  7. Amaranthine

    R A N D OM Awesomeness

    Guys, we're becoming mainstream. Kind of. But seeing the zipper gives me uncanny valley anxiety. http://www.thisisinsider.com/fanny-pack-dadbag-dad-bod-2017-9
  8. Amaranthine

    So-calledly male F.A. talks**ting about women who have gotten fatter

    To translate: I heard a self-proclaimed male FA talking shit about women who have gotten fat. This is off-putting because he was seemingly expressing a hateful or negative attitude towards fat women. Has anyone here noticed or experienced FAs speaking badly of fat people? ------- To...
  9. Amaranthine

    Wife has lost weight- Does it get easier?

    I'm not going to perpetuate that by arguing. There are a few threads like this, in the FA/FFA subform. I would recommend perusing through there for extra insight.
  10. Amaranthine

    Wife has lost weight- Does it get easier?

    I feel like most people have completely ignored OP's question in order to bicker about other things. Though, given the other things, it's understandable. Sorry you have to deal with this situation. It sounds like it's kind of a bad experience for you both. I've had similar experiences, though...
  11. Amaranthine

    Donning and Doffing of Footwear

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFuniFSP2fo I do the whole process for one shoe at a time, putting them on. I usually wear sneakers, so the "slide and or/kick off" option is my preferred method of removal. Untying/loosening is too leisurely.
  12. Amaranthine

    What are you unhappy about today?

    References: 1- Dwesterny. (2015, August 25). Re: Great asexual myths article [Online forum comment]. Retrieved from http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2145142&postcount=21
  13. Amaranthine

    A Matter of Thirds

    Orate, Orbit, Humidor
  14. Amaranthine

    A Matter of Thirds

    I should finally get around to saying this one is correct. 380. hair, under, fires --- Brush 398. Cure, Wave, Wed --- Sine 399. Mob, Pin, Burg --- Lynch
  15. Amaranthine

    Implicit Associations!

    So, in one of my classes, we discussed the IAT: the implicit associations test. Most commonly, it's used to see if people have internal racist inclinations even if they are not outwardly expressed or known. But the IAT isn't used exclusively for race. On the website, there are numerous...
  16. Amaranthine

    Evil Twin?

    Not being Canadian, I'm reading DD in another sense...and that one's already pretty accurate.
  17. Amaranthine

    Evil Twin?

    Putting the least amount of effort in: bayone = bayonet Tad = Bad (who deserves a mediocre name for choosing something so short in the first place!) Dr. Feelgood = Dr. Feelbad. Thinking back to Leo's username origin, I think OrvilleFender should be his alter-ego. The moth...
  18. Amaranthine

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    I was just about to go to sleep, but now I'm worried that I'm going to dream about this. Actually, it's kind of hilarious. But I still don't think any dream involving it would be good. And I might start taking bets on whether Potatodragon will ever post again :p
  19. Amaranthine

    Any way you want it

    Screw anticipation. I've been trying to subtly make comments that would seduce you into naughty Skyping this whole time! I was kind of devastated when the fur suit/sour cream one didn't do it :really sad: Also...group Skype IS a thing. As much as I do try to keep things in perspective...
  20. Amaranthine

    Any way you want it

    This is pretty accurate. When I was on a learning-oriented site, I would get random requests from (male) people wanting to be friends. This was also the case on a site for a speed typing game :confused: Maybe they were just imagining something with finger dexterity in that case, I don't know...