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  1. chubboiz

    BOTH A Little Encouragement Can Go a Long Way

    Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
  2. chubboiz

    Anybody familiar with FEEDIST books/podcasts/etc?

    Hey, it's the thought that counts!
  3. chubboiz

    Anybody familiar with FEEDIST books/podcasts/etc?

    I wonder if there are any other types of feedist media out there. All I can think of are the ones listed here.
  4. chubboiz

    Anybody familiar with FEEDIST books/podcasts/etc?

    I'm looking for more feed(er)ism-related stuff, whether created by and for feedists or by impartial/sympathetic outsiders. Anything from books, magazines, and podcasts to academic essays and studies. So far, I've only finished the following: Feederism: Eating, Weight Gain, and Pleasure by...
  5. chubboiz

    Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (A Book Review)

    Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (A Feedist Book Review) An informal analysis of Kathy Charles' study on "feederism." Please feel free to share your own reviews and thoughts/first impressions of her book in this thread, I'm curious to hear what other feedists think! (A/N: This thread may...
  6. chubboiz

    BOTH Strange Magic

    Strange Magic by @chubboiz (A/N: feedee/gainer reader insert POV. The reader's gender is never mentioned and their roommate is referred to with they/them exclusively. This is probably the WG story I'm proudest of to date.) You find your roommate's secret stash of magic potions under their bed...
  7. chubboiz

    Comfort Drawing/Painting

    These are gorgeous! I love the detail in the speckles on those shoulders. And your cartoony style is adorable too
  8. chubboiz

    Opt in for Fetish/Erotica Stories!

    Hi! I'm pretty new here, but I'd love to opt in for this if possible
  9. chubboiz

    BOTH A Little Encouragement Can Go a Long Way

    A Little Encouragement Can Go a Long Way by @chubboiz (A/N: gender neutral feeder x gender neutral feedee. Feeder!Reader-Insert POV. Feeder is exclusively referred to with 'you/your/yours' and feedee roommate with 'they/them/their'. Contents - feeder/POV character has brief mildly sadistic...
  10. chubboiz

    A short thinkpiece I wrote last summer

    Can we talk about how when you’re fat, even just wanting your partner to feel you up and relish in the softness of your body—which is the bare minimum of foreplay—is considered either "gross" or "objectifying"? I’m tired of being told by vanilla fat liberationists that I have internalized...
  11. chubboiz

    BBW The Spy Who Stuffed Me

    The Spy Who Stuffed Me by @chubboiz (A/N: This is a short commissioned oneshot I originally posted on AO3. I'm not sure if I will ever expand - no pun intended - on this installment in the future, but if I do I'll update this note.) Renowned spy extraordinaire Cecelia Clearwater's latest...