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  1. scarcity

    Post pictures of monkeys

    Electric monkey says:
  2. scarcity

    Point: My bf is awesome

    Thanks ya'll :happy: CK, I'm glad I met you, as well :)
  3. scarcity

    Nekkid Twister, anyone?

    Pressure by Billy Joel :p
  4. scarcity

    Point: My bf is awesome

    I might have let out my boyfriend's inner pig. Whoops, totally unintentional but well appreciated. He says that all he wants to do is make me happy, and if a belly makes me happy in bed, he'll create it. But he doesn't want to reach 166 pounds [he's 5'7"] until we are engaged - and he isn't...
  5. scarcity

    Nekkid Twister, anyone?

    I know what me and by bf will be doing when I come home in December :D (I'm studying abroad).
  6. scarcity

    Nekkid Twister, anyone?

    Well, near nekkid... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTQeN3vGlVs&feature=related
  7. scarcity

    What Are You Listening to Thread- Revisited ;)

    I'm listening to Whitesnake! (Still of the Night at the moment) ...concert in June, must learn the lyrics (I've got the set list)
  8. scarcity

    So tell me something good on this gray day...

    Well, actually... I find it cozy to stay inside and study when it's raining (of course listening to music while I'm studying). Snuggling up against someone is also awesome :happy: ...oooh, and playing soccer in rain (on a grass field). That's way fun!
  9. scarcity

    Maybe a stupid question...

    I like chubby :happy: ...well, my boyfriend as a tiny belly (almost nothing to talk about) and tiny love handles....so I'm good. So, I like the range from my boyfriend to chubby :p ...hmm, now I feel like I almost don't have the right to call myself a FFA :doh: Nah... I like to watch...
  10. scarcity

    FFA's more prevalent than once thought?

    Right on, sistah! :D
  11. scarcity

    What Are You Listening to Thread- Revisited ;)

    It's 00:44 AM, I'm making a presentation about the geology of the Faroe Islands and trying to stay awake by listening to this....
  12. scarcity

    Just two pictures of a guy who I think is hot!

    Oh, the patriot in me! :happy: For those who don't know... the actor who plays Robbie Rotten is Icelandic...woooo! And the creator of Lazytown is Icelandic. Woooo! I remember when I went to the play (it all began with this play) when I was... 12 or 13 years old.... Sry, I just HAD to share :p
  13. scarcity

    Happy Birthday to me

    Hey, a fellow 22 year old. Okay okay, I won't turn 22 until May... :p Anyways, happy birthday ;)
  14. scarcity

    Tattoo thread

    Ocean Machine, is without a doubt, the best album I have ever heard! ...sry, I just don't know anyone who likes Devin :( But shiiii.... Ocean Machine. It's on my wishlist on Amazon (CD variety in Iceland sucks big time).
  15. scarcity

    Tattoo thread

    Alien AND City! *listens to Detox* :D Gene Hoglan is a terrific drummer :) I especially like the song Love? because of his drumming :rolleyes:
  16. scarcity

    Tattoo thread

    When I heard Strapping Young Lad first.... shiii... love at first...hearing(?) :huh: :D
  17. scarcity

    Official Yorrick Brown Camwhore Picture Dump!

    Shiiii... :batting: You is very handsome, yes :rolleyes: *with a bad Icelandic accent* :D No....let me rephrase that. Hawt, hawt, hawt! :wubu:
  18. scarcity

    Tattoo thread

    Thanks, fellow Taurus :batting: And yeah! Ziltoid...Strapping Young Lad... just about whatever Devin Townsend does :wubu:
  19. scarcity

    Tattoo thread

    I got the Eye of Ra when I was 15. My mom came with me... she loves tattoos too :p It symbols protection and royal power from deities - but I didn't know that then. I just thought it was cool :p The other represents my love for music. The rainbow symbolizes my musical schizophrenia :p It...
  20. scarcity

    How did you find out about Dimensions

    I was 18 years old (in 2004), confused and googling pictures of fat guys when I stumbled upon Dimensions Stories. Then I gradually started lurking the forums and early 2007 I decided to jump in :p