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  1. Samantha

    Big Movie Seats

    I was watching Food Network the other night and UNWRAPPED had a theatre on there that was not only a theatre, but also a restaurant. If you wanted to have an alcoholic beverage then you could order it and if you wanted refills you hit a button and the hostesses could come in quietly and take...
  2. Samantha

    Your First Internet BBW

    Plump Princess. I don't know her back story, but she is certainly lovely. :)
  3. Samantha

    The show your face/introduction thread

    I LOVE those shoes. :happy:
  4. Samantha

    The Cleveland Show - did anyone see it last night?

    This isn't a new thing for comedy writers to make jokes out of the "weak" -- Its what they do because people think its funny. Im sure there is a thread here I havent run into yet, but not just comedy writers are attacking "fat" people now. Grey's Anatomy had a 700 pound patient on there last...
  5. Samantha

    Do you hold (other) fat people to a higher standard?

    I do, yes. Other big people KNOW what its like to be big. Them above all other people should understand what you shouldnt say. I have met the big people that don't want to be big and refuse to admit that they are. One of their personality traits is usually always the hatred of other big people...
  6. Samantha

    How did you become so fat?

    :( that is the saddest thing ever. _______ I was thrown on diets all the time as a kid because in my family if you are fat around 30 you dont live much longer past that age. My dad lost his 650 pound brother when his brother was 18 and was terrified he would have to watch me die. I lost...
  7. Samantha

    Fat Debate on Dr Phil Today

    I went to go look for the episode for someone that asked for the episode (sorry I am new and am unaware of who is who). I am sorry to the person who wanted the episode -- I didn't find it and gave up. :p If you type in DR. PHIL FAT SHOW its full of grossness that I can't stomach. This is the...
  8. Samantha

    Fat Girl Angle Shots

    of course... gotta have that special place. :D and awesomesauce is the awesomest word ive heard today!
  9. Samantha

    Fat Debate on Dr Phil Today

    I am extremely sorry to have upset anyone or cause trouble -- I didnt mean it. :) I loathe how bigger people are looked at through the media and if we as big people let that get to us then they win. It sounds so BRAVEHEART SPEECH, but thats how I see it. :happy: I saw somewhere earlier in...
  10. Samantha

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Thanks for the welcome guys and girls. :happy:
  11. Samantha

    Fat Debate on Dr Phil Today

    I know exactly what you are talking about! I find an underlying hipocrasy about some things I see sometimes. :) I suppose that could be like that with about pretty much anything.
  12. Samantha

    Fat Debate on Dr Phil Today

    LOL woah. You're heart might explode. Fat people have that problem sometimes. Calm down. If you dont like to be fat... stop sitting on the computer and go take a walk. I'm probably not going to leave because some uptight internet diva wants to go all INTERNET IS SERIOUS BUSINESS on me...
  13. Samantha

    How did you become so fat?

    I just got here today... none of these threads are more than a couple hours old to me! :happy: Of course Im sure some people are thinking, THIS CHICK NEEDS TO STOP! :) haha .... I'm fat because food doesn't beat you up, cheat on you, and call you horrible names when you are a 17 year old...
  14. Samantha

    Fat women....

    i would say, Just because thats how your mom rolls doesnt mean thats how I do. Of course I take nothing seriously and care none about what people think fat people do. :) You wouldnt win much of an argument with my comeback. ;)
  15. Samantha

    Fat people: Do you like fat on the opposite sex?

    There are handsome men of all shapes and sizes, but being as big as I am I dont have stamina. If you paired me together with a man that didn't have the stamina to make up for what I lack, well the sexual aspect of my relationship would not be fufilled and that relationship would eventually fail...
  16. Samantha

    Fat Debate on Dr Phil Today

    You guys do understand that Dr. Phil isn't a doctor and pays his wife to stay with him right? These people are sensationalists and want ratings because ratings mean money. I guarantee my captain crunch would have tasted a lot worse this morning if I let myseld become this upset by the FATTY...
  17. Samantha

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Thanks :happy: I do have to say its a way different feeling going from a forum that I have belonged to for 7 years to a forum that doesn't know me at all! People seem nice... there is hope for me yet! ;)
  18. Samantha

    Fat Debate on Dr Phil Today

    Good to know... hopefully the mods dont pass it through.
  19. Samantha

    Fat Girl Angle Shots

    I think its so funny that I ran into this because the FGA is something that is my curse and my friend... depending on what way you want to look at it. I have met people online after talking to them and when I meet them in person there have been people that look me up and down and think WTF...
  20. Samantha

    Fat Debate on Dr Phil Today

    I just posted a reply in here and now it isn't here. My first impression is not going over well! haha I will repost it... if you see this somewhere else it means that I posted it and the Internet ate it and then I got confused! :happy: I posted the following message today on another site...