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  1. redhottie

    Sex Question for BBWS and Men who have been with various sizes of women

    I think it's a deeper issue babe.
  2. redhottie

    Canadian Here! (east of Toronto)

    hi not looking just enjoying life. welcome board
  3. redhottie

    Big man returns

    hi phil
  4. redhottie

    Has anyone else met an F/FA in real life?

    I only knew one And that was Doreen Who was Sophie's girlfriend
  5. redhottie

    Has anyone else met an F/FA in real life?

    I know several and they're all in real life and now that I'm older I live in a building where they are several of those men here and and I date one that likes me as a big girl too
  6. redhottie

    Come on in Ladies and introduce your selves!

    Parrot head and I in Mexico. My favorite picture of me he ever took. The red hair hence red hottie. And me last week. I am still a super size BBW and I am not apologetic for who I am or what I am I'm very active in my own community. Right now my choices to be a smaller BBW because it will work...
  7. redhottie

    Come on in Ladies and introduce your selves!

    Hi I go by Redhottie i use to be a web mistress for several sites under the Redhotphatgirlz .com umbrella I read Paper dims. I met my husband there in 92. Ive been a member of the NAAFFA super sig. A member of Hipsters chat. I was an originial chat member here. In my life time Ive got to meet...
  8. redhottie

    Looking for Dimensions Magazine issues

    i will talk to you about mine too. i also have several big butt issues where my husband shot the covers. but give me a couple months.
  9. redhottie

    In Rememberance

    if this is true it makes my heart break
  10. redhottie

    Feeling a little lonely with the holidays. Any of the people I used to know still here?

    Hi everyone still a super size BBW. Just living my life.
  11. redhottie

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    the kid says hi
  12. redhottie

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    my partner was married 35 yrs i was married 19. it was ment to be...we were friends for 6 mths before he asked me out. I didn't think he liked me like that. his ex girl friend live here they dated on and off 6 yrs. she use to give him to me in front of all of our friends for 6 mths. i was not...
  13. redhottie

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    I am here too. Member since 97. I miss my friends and my husband. I pray they are happy where they are. rip true fa da ve, mocha, patty Sophie, Doreen, rhonda. I've been in the frozen north 9 yrs now. I often long for Florida and the islands. I sill am friends I met here 23 yrs since chat. I'm...
  14. redhottie

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    Shine on others or your heart light goes out.
  15. redhottie

    "What ever happened to..."

    no dave I don't
  16. redhottie

    Memories of the 2009 Dimensions Bash

    I loved that bash. I loved hearing you speak those words Met many people I admired. My first bash was in Chicago I got to know Paul Delacroix, Bill Sherman and Rebecca Fox. But reading my first Dimensions was my eye opener. And the chat room here gave life long friends. And the chat room from...
  17. redhottie

    Massive Mocha on Dr Drew at 3PM

    just for a fact I meet renee in 1999 in the hipsters chat we were always friends and I could not have made it thru daves death if not for her I love her now and I miss her and Sophie and doreen...24 years later