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  1. Peter1948

    What is your weight right now?

    Blissful. I worked up a good appetite by going for a swim at the beach this morning. It was a short vigorous swim as the water temperature is 10 degrees centigrade (52 Fahrenheit). I then really enjoyed eating all the food that I brought with me. And that wonderful full feeling during the...
  2. Peter1948

    What is your weight right now?

    I too enjoy like that enjoyable really full feeling. And it also feels crazy for me to want to go all the way to 120 Kilograms again despite the disadvantages. It wasn’t uncomfortable for me (except for the chafing which was painful) but my friends and family were extremely worried about my...
  3. Peter1948

    Fat acceptance

    Thanks DazzlingAnna. I apologise for confusion that I have caused by forgetting about the Fat Acceptance movement. I was thinking about the unwanted and unnecessary struggles that many of us face regarding our body fat. Thanks for showing me that explanation of the Fat Acceptance Movement. I...
  4. Peter1948

    Fat acceptance

    That’s true. Much of the judgment is extremely harsh. The few times I have asked someone how I can help, I have been asked to do things like helping them to stick to a diet when it seems to me that their diet will only slow down their metabolism and make matters worse. I don’t think I would ever...
  5. Peter1948

    Fat acceptance

    I hated seeing the struggles that the woman who I was with was having in her efforts to lose weight. It seemed to me that she was being misled by commonly held beliefs about how to lose weight. At the same she was being judged and criticised by people who believe that weight gain is caused...
  6. Peter1948


    I particularly enjoyed the news article on Independent.co.uk “Recipe for a long life: Overweight people have lower death risk.”
  7. Peter1948

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    September 2010 I weighed 120 Kilograms.
  8. Undecided


    How fat do I want to be
  9. 17882D00-82C3-4F09-9462-491CD2F9FF85.jpeg


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  12. 1E28045F-C31E-4EE7-99FA-BE895D37A7A1.jpeg


    At 120 Kilograms
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