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  1. Mr. Jigglesworth

    I just want to re-introduce myself.

    Hi everyone, I'm Mr. Jigglesworth long time member who hasn't been on here as much as I'd like to, but I aim to change that in the future. I probably shouldn't add this, but here goes, I discovered Tumblr and am Celluliteluvr on there.
  2. Mr. Jigglesworth


    I'm not sure what age I was, but maybe 8 yo. I was having fantastics of fatness of myself and a girl from school every boy had a crush on were super sized at least to an 8 yo. I stretched out a few of my dad's t- shirts and later adding his long johns to stuff with pillows, but those weren't...
  3. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Weight Board Confessional

    I'm not in the closet about mine, but I'm more of a late night stuffer so all the calories I stuff with will hopefully turn to fat as I don't have time to burn any of them off. It helps a little bit, but my metabolism is high so I'm not gaining ungodly amounts of weight like I want to🙁
  4. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Recent Goal Hit

    Glad to be of encouragement😉
  5. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Recent Goal Hit

    How 'bout another hundred pounds, to 450lbs.
  6. Mr. Jigglesworth

    At what point were you comfortable

    Ohhh thank God, maybe to should look into gaming to help gain as I do watch tv/movies alot, and I buy snacks and candy, tattening foods but I don't seem to be hungry enough to eat them to actually gain the weight. I wouldn't be able to explain this to my doctor without getting committed, so is...
  7. Mr. Jigglesworth

    How has this fetish changed over the decades?

    For me, it's gotten stronger as I get older and the women I'm attracted to bigger and bigger. Like mirroring my fantasies of when I first dreamt of big women during puberty.
  8. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Breaking a fast metabolism

    I've been doing that too for awhile now, going all day without eating til between 7-9pm and then eating a bowl of soup or ramen, followed by chugging heavy cream and whole milk right before bedtime and it's helped a little bit, but I can't seem to go back to eating more food like I used to or...
  9. Mr. Jigglesworth

    I'm back

    Is Stacey from Scnectedy N.Y. still around or perhaps Large lovely as Stacey was my first online customer and LargenLovely a couple of years later and living in Iowa, anyone?
  10. Mr. Jigglesworth

    I'm back

    Thank you.
  11. Mr. Jigglesworth

    I'm back

    Thank you.
  12. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Mutually gaining anyone?

    I'm totally interested in finding someone into doing that with me. Being a cook, baker, donut fryer I can certainly help in that capacity. Anyone?
  13. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Breaking a fast metabolism

    Eating more is good, I remember Gaining Goddess talking about drinking heavy cream and putting on 150lbs. in a years time. So I've put myself on that plan and adding heavy cream to my coffee, glasses of whole milk, when mashing potatoes whatever and I chug up over a pint before bedtime and chase...
  14. Mr. Jigglesworth

    What is your weight right now?

    Been hovering in the high 160's to mid 170's for a minute, need to break through this plateau soon.
  15. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    I enjoy on myself and others. I've always dreamed of and had a fascination with fatness, and have always appreciated it, I could go on and on. I've definitely been bitten by the fat loving bug....hard😍
  16. Mr. Jigglesworth

    I'm back

    Btw, I'm up to 157 different flavors of cake donuts, traditional and my own cookies, Cheesecakes, brownies, cakes and cupcakes and much more. If you live or around Indiana, I'm doing entrees, sides desserts and such as well.
  17. Mr. Jigglesworth

    I'm back

    I've been away from the Weight Board for a minute, but still here to read the stories, I have to say are mostly excellent reading, but slacking lately. Some the older members may remember me talking about my cookies and cake donuts as I'm a baker/cook, and how I wanted to have my own business...
  18. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW The County Fair [Feeding, Stuffing, Struggle]

    I would love to make them for you.
  19. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BHM Uncaged Desire (BHM - XWG, Fantasy)

    Sorry, but if i can't pronounce the names/ some words, I'm not reading it. Reading should be relaxing not a struggle.