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    My kitten has gone missing :(

    Yeay! Good for you - give that little guy a hug for all of us!
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    What's your latest kick?

    Tillamook is SCRUMPTIOUS! It's the closest I've ever tasted to the best cheese this won't believe me, but....government cheese. LOL. My grandfather used to volunteer at the local CAP office and take food boxes to the needy. They would send him home with a food box for volunteering...
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    My kitten has gone missing :(

    Em - have you tried leaving his food out to see if you can coax him with that? Oh you poor thing!! This whole day I was hoping to come home to the thread that you've found him, but I'm sure it will happen soon!
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    Any Bi-gals have Relationships with a CD(M or F)

    I'm bi and I've never dated a CD but I think it'd definitely be something to spice things up in the bedroom! I have straight and gay friends, but (to toot our bi horn) sometimes I feel like bi-chicks are more open to stuff like that since we're pretty much open to love regardless of what sex...
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    Calling all Youngsters!

    I'll be too old for this thread in about a month :-(. Oh well, the first 1/2 century has been AWESOME and here's to looking forward to even MORE FABULOUS YEARS! :p
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    My kitten has gone missing :(

    Oh you poor thing!!! We'll help keep the positive thoughts flowing toward you - your kitty will be back home soon!
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    Heads Up - Harajuku Line

    So I got a tip from my cousin - Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers line is being discontinued and Macy's is have a MAJOR close out on stuff. I'm going tomorrow, hopefully I'll get there on time. I'm not going to lie, this big girl loves little purses! She said she got an addition 50% off a tote...
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    Looking for friends in AZ

    definitely not too far away :-)
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    Looking for friends in AZ

    Hi Jose :-) I like the way you spelled your name, lol! You're in Scottsdale huh? Born/raised or are you a transplant?
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    Looking for friends in AZ

    Hi and how are you? I'm a 25 year old BBW looking for friends in AZ. I'm single and I'm open to just meeting friends as well as any FA's out there! I grew up here, but some how I still haven't been able to tap into the size-acceptance community here yet, if there is any. I love...