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    Those who use Etsy, help please!

    I have never used it before and it's giving me a headache. I am trying to find an outfit for Ivy for our wedding and have something quite specific in mind and think Etsy is the way to go, but I just don't really know how to look for it, how to buy it lol, and basically how to use Etsy! Does...
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    Where to get custom clothing made?

    George and I plan to get married next year and the dress I want does not come in my size. In an ideal world, I would have a replica made but haven't a clue where to start? Anyone any idea? USA is ok so long as they will post internationally.
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    Infuriating UK newspaper columnist strikes again!

    First it was this in the paper a few weeks ago: And this week she is having a go at Dawn French. Dawn has recently called for fat jokes to be banned and Carole Malone's response was this: ARGHH!! Can anyone else see the hypocrisy in this? So what Kate Moss says is fine, but what Dawn...
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    Pink Marzipan - for UK peeps

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, so apologies if it has. This is a UK website selling some really lovely clothes, some are quite punky so I love it! Now it is quite dear but I found a code that's good for 30% off so that can save you quite a bit! Not sure of the expiry but it...
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    Saw Harry Potter!!

    Anyone else seen it yet? It was good. Not brilliant, but good. I am mostly happy that I got to see it before bubs makes her appearance!! I'm due in 2 days so thought I wasn't going to get to see this in the cinema! I don't want to write too much as don't want to spoil it for anyone going...
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    April Flores to design her own clothing line...and wants our help!

    Taken from her blog at Just thought I would share :D
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    Michael Jackson's "ghost" seen at Neverland...

    Anyone else see this? What does everyone think? I can certainly see something thats for sure, who or what it is I don't know! Clicky for article and vid
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    Can anyone help me connect my new laptop wirelessly!?!

    It's driving me mad!! It works via ethernet cable, I am on it now. It picks up my wireless connection but says Limited Connectivity and won't allow me to go online. The new laptop operates on Windows Vista and has a built in ethernet card. My ISP say it's my laptop manufacturer's issue, the...
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    36 weeks today!

    Just a random post, as I can't believe I am 36 weeks pregnant today! How time has flown!! Touch wood, so far, the pregnancy has been a doddle! I highly recommend it to anyone lol! No problems, no complications due to my size. I haven't gained any weight at all, I lost over 30lbs and have...
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    Preview of the Beth Ditto range at Evans!!

    Beth Ditto preview! There are about 6 outfits here, you have click on the slideshow. I LOVE THE DOMINO DRESS!! And the denim skirt. I HATE the jumpsuit!!!
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    Designer Karl Lagerfield calls Heidi Klum "Fat"..

    Oh boy. :doh: Heidi Klum too fat?? I know its not exactly anything new in the fashion industry, but when are people going to learn these comments are stupid, idiotic and dangerous?? I'm sure Heidi won't care though. She is a happy mum of 3 and still one of the highest paid supermodels...
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    Chastity Bono makes decision to undergo SRS

    It's been confirmed on Chaz's Wikipedia page and in various news reports that he has now in fact has decided to transition from F to M. Chastity Bono 1 Chastity Bono 2 From BBW to BHM, I love it!! Good luck Chaz!!
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    I want to move house...Pros and cons...Help!

    I always get really itchy feet and want to move house, I go through phases all of the time. I think it stems from my childhood. My mother had agoraphobia amongst other illnesses and we moved house all of the time as she would get sick of the same 4 walls. I have moved house over 25 times. At...
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    Prepare to get addicted (and frustrated)....Zahada Riddle Game

    Zahada It's a collection of riddles and puzzles, the main screen tells you all you need to get started, and it's ridiculously addictive (and frustrating!!!!!)
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    Happy Birthday Adamantoise !!!

    Happy Birthday Tom! Hope it's a good one!! Love Bexy and George!!
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    Egg as a hair conditioner?

    I really want something to give my hair more shine. It feels very dry because of the recent sun, so something that will deep condition it would be perfect. I have had so many shop bought conditioning products in the past and none of them seem to do the trick. I have just been told that egg...
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    Sweet Potato-how do you eat yours?

    I love sweet potato and am trying to get George to eat it too. I already succeeded in getting him to eat parnsip hurray! (all be it covered in honey but still!!) So what ways do you guys cook your sweet potato? Any recipe ideas? I was going to do sweet potato mash with garlic butter. What...
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    Bikinis for Babies?? W.T.F!?!

    They just posted this website on a baby and Mummy forum I am on. (Mods if you think this isn't appropriate please do feel free to move or delete it). I just sent them a massive email of complaint. This site is disgusting! The bikinis themselves are vile and...
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    Recipe requests

    Ok folks.... George is the worlds worst eater. He lives on frozen and fried food, with tomato ketchup. Think fries, burgers, chicken dippers etc. I am desperate to get him eating more hearty home cooked food. I have managed to find a couple of meals he likes, and thats great, as I...
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    Baking question..

    Are bicarbonate of soda and baking soda the same thing? I sound stupid I know but I keep seeing recipes that ask for baking soda and wonder if the bicarbonate of soda I have in my cupboard already is the same thing.