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    Here's my luck for ya... Just got an email from a guy in Senegal. All i needed was for me to provide some documentation and i coulda had 10,500,000 dollars. (that's Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars). That's more than i make in a year. Trouble is, he titled the email "Seeking...
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    Dammit, BB!!!

    Now that you gotcher stoopid pm box cleaned out, how about hittin' the voice mail??? That tightass lady who says, "I'm sorry. There's no room for your message" and hangs up on me does NOT sound like somebody you'd want representing you. If this is all a scam to try to impress peeps with...
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    Egbert Beats Retreat Back to 20th Century

    I had a feeling i was in trouble when, some years ago, i went into the public library and they had gotten rid of the wonderful and massive oaken card catalogue. They had had those sissy little computer terminals for a good while and i'm sure they're fine for peeps who know what they want but...
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    A Tootsie Roll Fact i found interesting

    As a recovering cigarette addict, i happen to have acquired a fixation on Tootsie Roll Pops. I was just poking around on the net and discovered: 1. Tootsie Rolls Pops are made by Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. (ain't that a cool name for a big company?) 2. Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. is...
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    I can hide but i can't run

    Oh, lordy lordy lordy......... what's to become of me? I was just paying my SBC bill and i had made out the check and was slipping it into the envelope with the little thing you tear off and send back to them when my eye caught something on it that made my heart stop before i even cognated...
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    Greatest dream EVER!

    Wow. Wonder what was up with THAT. Maybe it was a recent post that jogged my memory about the guy who bought a hooker for his senior prom I was at an informal gathering (not like a party or anything...just a hang at somebody's house and everybody just happened to show up) with all these...
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    " 'Phantom of the Opera Surpasses 'Cats'...

    ...becomes longest running show in the history of Broadway!!!" I guess i'll say no more. No, yes i will........ Surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre am glad to be outta the music biz.
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    Encouraging News re:Barbie

    Researchers Find Barbie Is Often Mutilated By JILL LAWLESS LONDON (AP) - Barbie, beware. The iconic plastic doll is often mutilated at the hands of young girls, according to research published Monday by British academics. ``The girls we spoke to see Barbie torture as a legitimate play...
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    Love, Luck and Christmas Presents

    Let me say at the outset that the title of this post was inspired by our esteemed Dimensions Communitymember, Cat. She's busted me once for plagiarizing her and was really gracious about it; i don't want to push my luck. Ok, here's my post: We need to have a thread on Christmas...
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    Stop talking to, of, about and pertaining to my girl friend. Thank you. Sincerely, etc....
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    Always the Contrarian

    I'm bound to miss some good posts but, what the hell? I bought Martha Stewart for 7 bucks (even though i loathe Martha) and she wound up treating me most righteously. I'm not protesting anything; it's just the way i am. As of this moment, everybody who has reached a Milestone is on my...
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    Porn Spam Report #2

    "Wild Grandmother Impossible Action" Trust me, i'm not imaginative enough to make that up. That came in today, in spite of 29.95 software. This is gonna make me impotent YET.
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    My Tacky Stats

    Ok, People, i can't stand it. This Reputation Point business has driven me over the edge. -I got 12 crummy points, OK????? And 10 of em were obvious nepotism. -I'm in the crummy 15% tax bracket OK????? (and i won't ask you to believe that i'm cheatin' the Uncle like a bandit to be...
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    Egbert retires Sunday, 10/23/05 feeling dazzled

    Less sure of anything than he was 43 years ago but dazzled, none the less. That's not an entirely bad thing. G'nght, Board.
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    "...that fat cow, Kate Winslet."

    It's a quote pulled from an article in the Sept 28 issue of The Onion. It cracked me up not only in its satire on diet insanity but also in his "guyspeak" way of expressing it. I'm new to link posting, so i hope this works.