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    You know it's going to be a bad day when.....

    You spill half a glass of VERY sweet iced tea on yourself... before 8:00 am!! :doh: Gotta love it!!! Anyone else have any other "bad-day beginnings" stories???
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    It's June 1.... already????

    What the hell happened to May????? I mean seriously... June 1??? :confused: Did anyone besides me, happen to lose a few months lately??? Time flies these days, whether you're having a good time or not!!! :p
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    Fundraising Cookbook - looking for recipe submissions!!

    Hi everyone.... I belong to a professional business organization (IAAP - The International Association of Administrative Professionals - My local chapter is called Yo-Mah-O ( Each year we give out $3000 in scholarships to local students furthering...
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    Happy Birthday Mimosa!!!!

    Happiest of birthdays to you Mimi!!!! Have a lovely day!!! :)
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    Happy Administrative Professional's Day!!!!! (4/22/09)

    Happy Administrative Professional's Day/Week to all of my fellow admins here on Dims!! :) I hope you all enjoy the day, do something special, and receive a little recognition from your bosses. I got a nice bouqet of beautiful fushia carnations and roses with babies breath. My bosses are...
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    Happy Birthday out.of.habit!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Betsy... I hope you have a lovely day!!! :)
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    Happy Birthday Mrs. Ho Ho!!!

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Ho Ho!! I hope you and Mr. Ho Ho have a great day together and that your birthday is fantastic!! :)
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    Happy Birthday mariac1966!!!

    Happy Birthday Maria!! I hope you have a terrific day!! :)
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    Check this out.....

    Check out my brother's band on MySpace: They are a classic rock cover band. If you listen to the songs, he is playing lead guitar and singing lead. In MY opinion, they're really good... but, I'm biased. He's been in music for years... and can play...
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    Happy Birthday Freethinker!!! (2/5)

    Have a great birthday Free!!! :) I hope it's a wonderful day for you!! :happy:
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    Happy Birthday Aliena!!!!

    Happy of happiest birthdays Dee!!!!! :) Big hugs sweetie... to you and hubby.... love you both..... :happy:
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    Happy Birthday Spanky!!!!

    Happiest of happy, happy birthdays Spanky!!! I hope you have a terrific day with your family!! :) :happy: :) :happy: :) :happy:
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    Happy Birthday Kathynoon!!!

    Have a great birthday!! :)
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    Happy Birthday "Still a Skye fan"!!!!

    Happiest of Birthdays Dennis!! I hope it's a terrific day for you!! :)
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    Happy Birthday HDANGEL15!!!!

    Hey twin sis!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy sunny and warm FL!!!!!!!! Soak up some rays for me!!!! I hope we BOTH have the best birthday's EVER!!!!! Hugs! Love ya!!!
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    Happy Birthday Jamie!!

    Happy Birthday Jamie!! I hope you have a fantastic day!! :)
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    "Work At Home" jobs - know of any legitimate ones?

    A good friend of mine is actively looking for a "work at home" job, but neither of us can manage to find any that are truly legitimate. We are talking about data entry, typing, online admin work, research... that type of thing. She is partially disabled, but is quite intelligent and capable...
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    Implanon - Anyone have any experience with it??

    I just switched (today) my birth control from Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo pills to the Implanon implant. My boyfriend and I were looking for something more permanent, but my gyno said sterilization (tubal ligation) was not an option. She said I had to be under 200 lbs. She recommended the...
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    Happy Birthday Daddyoh70!!!

    Have a great birthday!!! :)
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    Happy Birthday Timberwolf!!!

    Have a great day!!!! :)