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  1. Tau

    Top 10 Countries Celebrating Female Obesity

    I'm pretty sure most of these come with qualifiers of some kind. For instance in SA fat is only popular if its in your ass and boobs. Furthermore, the men who are into fat partners tend to be older, they are often poor, and often extremely traditional. Young dudes who dig fat chicks also tend...
  2. Tau

    The "Friend Zone"

    Male people who whine on and on about being 'nice guys' are generally fucking creepy creepers. If you want a relationship with a woman let her know. If she says no, that all she wants is friendship, either move the fuck on or be her friend. Her real friend not some loser hoping that someday...
  3. Tau

    So what if you never find a partner?

    Do you guys remember that song by Karen White - 'I know I'd rather be alone than be unhappy.' As I've gotten older and seen more and more women around me enter in toxic, dangerous relationships all for the sake of 'being with somebody' this song has become my anthem. You can be with a person...
  4. Tau

    BBW Confessions thread

    I so hear you. I gave up on the internet thing for just that reason - just too exhausting and dehumanising. Sending hugz.
  5. Tau

    OkTrends: Fat People, Skinny People, and Sex Drive

    I've always felt uneasy about the term 'curvy' - same as the term 'thick'. I just don't feel those words adequately describe what I look like. Why can't they just let me choose to call myself fat? Big part of why I eventually left OKCupid because in my experience there are many many potential...
  6. Tau


    Brilliant advice. Stress is a bitch and fucks everything up. I literally lose my damn mind a week to my period and then the first 5 days. I am mad. I'm enraged and I pour tears and I start fights and then next moment life is ecstasy and I want to shag everything that moves. Stress is the...
  7. Tau

    BBW Confessions thread

    Agreed :p Clothes are too much admin
  8. Tau

    BBW Confessions thread

    Go for it!!!
  9. Tau

    BBW Confessions thread

    I didn’t fight back today. For the first time in a very long time I just didn’t fight back. I was in the water, sea all around and waves just crashing on me and a group of 3 white girls stood in the water pointed and laughed at me. And they laughed at me for a while and I just looked at them...
  10. Tau

    My 600-pound Life: New TLC Show

    TLC as a channel is just repugnant. It started broadcasting in SA about 6 months ago and their shows just keep me horrified and when I think they cannot possibly portray the ordinary American citizen in a worse light they go right ahead and do exactly that.
  11. Tau

    BBW Confessions thread

    In my (extremely limited) experience I have found that male people need telling - very specific telling. While women tend to be more in tune with sounds and body language dudes seem to miss it entirely, like subtlety is beyond them in the bedroom :p If he's poking somewhere he shouldn't I...
  12. Tau

    BBW Confessions thread

    :p Just realised how else that could be read!
  13. Tau

    BBW Confessions thread

    Small children are horrible for orgasms.
  14. Tau

    It's the New Year - Let's Go on a Diet!

    It's a glorious place to visit and thank you Dr Feelgood :D
  15. Tau

    It's the New Year - Let's Go on a Diet!

    Definitely not a big thing in SA - nobody has said anything like this to me. My parents have never even heard of new years resolutions :p December is a time of drunken debauchery, extreme self indulgence and intense heat and the heat tends to get more intense come Jan and Feb so most people...
  16. Tau

    90s TV Nostalgia

    In Living Colour Buffy the Vampire Slayer Living Single omg Rugrats were the 90s!!! AAACK!!! James Bond Junior lololol!!! Totally Spies!! Were the Gummi Bears 80's or 90s?? The Racoons and the Moomins?? I LOVED the Moomins! And Tailspin, the Power Rangers, The Samurai Pizza Cats!!!!! We had...
  17. Tau

    UK Indian Laced wife’s food with steroids to make her fat

    This. The way I adore you chick *SMISHES INTO ETERNITY*
  18. Tau

    BBW Confessions thread

    Love to you angel. I'm sending healing hugs and hopes that it doesn't turn out to be that big a problem. Hopefully with the right meds and rest it will heal up again. And I so know what you mean bout being trapped by your body. The only way I cope is to take it slowly and when something...
  19. Tau


    I really like what AnnMarie said - the fucking for hugs - cos that's when I also realised that although I enjoyed the casual sexual encounters I had had i wanted more and I wasn't going to find it with those people - I was just satisfying a kind of touch hunger. Also you are not a slut. The...
  20. Tau

    Lack of BBW Haircut/Hairstyle books at salons

    Hair in my opinion works according to the attitude you wear it with. I know I can rock just about any hairstyle - long or short - depending on my comfort levels with it. If I think I looks smoking its going to be so hot it burns :p I honestly don't think that has anything to do with thinness...