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    "Addicted" to BBWs?

    This happened to me recently: A friend who knows my preference for big girls and I were in the car, and he noticed me staring at a (very hot) young BBW on the sidewalk as we were stopped at a light. As we pulled away, he said, "I think you're addicted to fat girls" and laughed, as I did too. We...
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    200 lbs

    This is what 200 lbs. looks like. The biggest I've ever been. Some of you here may remember me-I got married to a wonderful woman 8 months ago who has made it known that she likes bigger men. And she's a great cook. I've gained about 25...
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    undecided about gaining

    I posted on the BHM/FFA board before, but on second thought, this is probably the better place. As a 52 year old widower, I married a beautiful woman last year who has encouraged(or at least not discouraged) me to gain. She is a wonderful italian cook and has commented on how skinny I was...
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    Hi all. I posted a few months back about myself. I married (at 53) a woman who appears to be a FFA, who has subtly encouraging me to gain weight. In that time, I've gotten about 10lbs heavier, with a noticeable belly. I didn't realize it until today i tried to put on some pants i hadn't work...
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    Update from a newcomer

    Some of you here may remember I posted a few months back. In May of this year, I married a woman who seemed to be an FFA. She frequently commented on how much she liked big men, and that she couldn't wait to start cooking for me. We're both a little older(i'm 52 and she's 50) and I was already...
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    Question from a newcomer

    Hi to all. I am new to this board and the whole FFA/BHM/BBW/feeding/gaining/etc scene. Here's my situation: I am 52 years old, widowed(after many years) and recently engaged to a wonderful woman who I knew in high school but hadn't seen in many years. She is my age, divorced, and quite...