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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    This is so intense! What happens next??
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    BBW Peer Pressure (~BBW, SSBBW, ~~WG, ~XWG, Stuffing)

    Great story--i liked the change in point of view at the end.
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    Wants to gain, but don't want to or can't.

    I know exactly that feeling! I'm the same. I've tried to gain a few times but it never sticks. Just how I'm wired I guess...
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    BOTH "No One Goes Hungry" by Coyote Wild (~XWG, ~SSBHM, ~SSBBW, ~IMMOBILITY, ~GAS)

    Brilliant. Great story. And i like that the narrator is unnamed. It's a classic technique.
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    Patronage and Pierogi - by Madeline Maple (SSBBW, Romance, Imagery, ~XWG )

    I can't believe I missed these stories in all my years at Dims. Really great characters and writing!
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    Ettiquete question: continuing another writer's story

    New here in this forum, but have been thinking about doing some story writing for a while. There's a story I love that I'd like to write an epilogue for--what's the etiquette for that? Start by asking the author of course, but in general, any tips?
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    Conflicted about my gain

    Well...this has been an interesting few weeks. After a couple of weeks of intentionally trying to gain I ended up ... losing 4 pounds. Then, went on vacation and, probably due to so much walking about, lost even more. I also realized that I wasn't enjoying eating. It had become a task, a...
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    Conflicted about my gain

    Interesting development...finally really told it all to the Sweetie. Lots of support for whatever I feel I want to do, thank the deities. Much relief there! I've been pondering the "how"s of this and realized that over the years, I've not let myself have certain things, because of fear that...
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    Fat, chubby or just flabby?

    Looks like a growing gut to just takes a while before the fat really starts to show.
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    Conflicted about my gain

    I had a momentary panic of "what am I doing?" last night... The Rational me said "Are you crazy for trying to gain weight?" The Rational Fetishy me said "Not at all! Now's the perfect time to go for it since that recent 6lbs of accidental/unnoticed gain appeared. Closer to bigger!" The...
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    Conflicted about my gain

    This is going to be the plan. I just wanted a big quick noticible physical change to go along with the mental change, but really, if it goes slowly, I can enjoy the experience longer, and less flack I'll get from friends/family. I've set a couple of mini-goals. First is to hit 170 solid. I...
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    Too much of a belly for the beach?

    No one should be denied the beach!
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    Conflicted about my gain

    I think I sent this post a bit off-topic... I'm not sure what it was that solved my conflict. It really was like a switch in my brain, allowing me to accept my desire to gain, my fetish, and to allow and encourage the weight that I'd like to gain. It certainly wasn't a rational, conscious...
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    Conflicted about my gain

    Mac & Cheese with extra cheese and on IPA #2. Brownies in the oven!
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    Conflicted about my gain

    Yes, that's just it. The roll over the belt than, that's the biggest thrill. I am working at it! Funny, I too have been with my husband 25's about time I realized my fantasies and let go. ...speaking of which, time for a beer. :eat2: (I guess the conflicted part...
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    Conflicted about my gain

    I think this is true. It's been so many years of repressing this, the desire to gain, that I'm feeling overwhelmed by the delight of the reality. It's just so hot, all the time! I'm in a state of amazement. It's like a switch went off in my brain, a willingness to accept that deep desire and...
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    Conflicted about my gain

    Well, this has been a really interesting week. I've been constantly thinking about it. I've discovered that I don't like to binge. I tried it a couple of times and just felt icky and couldn't eat that much anyway even after trying. Being aware of how my extra few pounds feel is amazing...
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    Revenge/Secret weight gain Stories?

    There's a secret weight gain feeder story I've been trying to find for years. It was originally on one of the usenet groups...gosh, mid-90s I think. Feeder hero who moves in with his thin girlfriend. He starts slipping an anti-depressant (with weight gain/hunger as a side-effect) into her...
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    Stages of Love - by tacofive (~BBW, ~XWG, Feeding)

    Wow!! Great story! Well written, excellent description, great characters. I really liked how the "stages" framed the story. This one's a keeper.