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  1. K

    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    even if you don;t drink tap water, flioridated water is in most foods. cows drink it you drink milk o eat cheese its in your system. joint pain is a majpor symptom. most people are not hpoing to move to a country that doesnt fluoridate water. search for foods that bind to fluoride under...
  2. K

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    since i dont have a webpage, is the only way to post a link or can you upload from your computer?
  3. K


    yes, stuffed to a t you can lay there for hours sleeping or not totally content.
  4. K

    why so few ssbbws for ssbhms

    Instead of suggesting my own theories do you people have any idea why there are so few erotically obese couples over 350 to 500 plus? The only attention i get is from thin ffas not to mention gays. I know the difference between fat and sexy and just fat. if i werent fat and sexy i wouldnt get...
  5. K

    Battling Heartburn--any suggestions?

    Some are genetically endowed with both the craving to grow erotically obese and the guts to overeat enough to surpass 500 lbs and eat more and grow fatter with no ill effects. others will experience gastrits, reflux, the ulceration of digestive tissue and eventually cancer. for some the...
  6. K

    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    some are going to resent this post. i m not poor nor rich. i have exprience with 600 lb gfs. i find most are spoiled and expect to get expensive food instead of same quality homemade, just like spoiled skinny girls with model aspirations grab for expensive cars and clothes jewels and $200...
  7. K

    when will there be more fat sexy couples?

    maybe the orginal post was too pc. not about mere obese couples 250 who gained accidentally via too much fast food and pregnancy. feedee girls 300-600 with feedee guys eat a lot get hot cant stop addicted to gorging and getting off. its not a fetish its an addiction and some are mutuallyt...
  8. K

    In a perfect utopia, how big would you be?

    you woudn't mind? thats that ultimate hot toned latin sex goddess under 150lbs. i'd just about kill for one like her and another 2 or 3 times as fat. there are not just thin fashion models and bbws/ ssbbws there are women like her around 20 lbs more than thin fashion models who were the most...
  9. K

    Hyper Weight Gain

    th mos fattening food of all is sugary greasy junk food. however if you want the bes compromise and on a budget look for high quality sushi rice from korea as low as 10 lbs for $12.50 , buy a pint of bullion or consomme powder, some good soy sauce, a dzen large onions, other veggies, spend...
  10. K

    when will there be more fat sexy couples?

    obviously any fairly cute girl over 300 is desired by more men than admit it, not to mention 150-300 today in the usa. very few men who love more food and fatness with their sex are admired by women especially very fat ones. i suspect there are more gay and les fat sexy couples than straight...
  11. K

    new (to me) pear-shaped Brazilian goddess

    well its great to see a woman like this as a pro entertainer. i think there are a lot more cute curvy black and latin 400 plus who are comfortable eating a lot getting huge and being more admired and dated by others in heir culture who are appreciated by a manstream culture as big and beautiful...
  12. K

    Huge Thighs?

    in addition to the massively fattened thighs hips, belly, etc. is the translucency of the skin and the visibility of all the blood vessels, which we normally only see on big breasts, which adds reality to the physiology of corpulent engorgement of the flesh. its the opposite of airbrushing or...
  13. K

    Belly To The FlOOR!

    belly to the floor indeed. the alternative is the put down a 6 x6 x3 piece of memory foam on the floor with a 6x6x1 '' memory foam topper. the only problem is its harder for a 500 plus woman to get up from the floor. however at 600-900 its so hard to get up period that being helped manually...
  14. K

    Huge Thighs?

    since i dont have a photo of my ex girlfriend's thighs the best reference is a canadian ssbbw model who goes by 'juicy jaqulyn' -search will spellcheck that. these thighs are like pillows of flesh that just blow up without rolls or saddlebags or so called cellulite aka cottage cheese dimples. i...
  15. K

    How fat do you like 'em?

    first of all only a huge woman that loves to stuff herself biggerad fatter becase sahe feels good doig it and loves how enormousy well fed she is ad hasa totally sesual thrill about it is exciting. yes that wuld be very unlikely under 250 and more likely over 500 but if she is a big dud who...
  16. K

    Where is everyone chatting?

    for some reason fat chat always dies. maybe its the clique syndrome that doesnt welcome new people or the taboo against real issues about fat sex supressed by trivia by the prudes or the low life 12 year old boys pretending to be over 18 who insult the big girls or guys pretending to be girls...
  17. K

    What happenned to Fantasy feeder

    A week or two ago googling it just redirects to google.